Business Meeting

Thu 16th November 2017 at 07.30 - 08.30


Meeting held on Thursday, November 16th, 2017

The Golf Club, Chestfield

Apologies for Absence:                                         

            Wendy                        Myfanwy                    Robert M.                  

            Reggie                         Godfrey                      Hilary

            Jenny                          Ian                  

Visitors and Guests:

            Jarle Tatt, ADG           David Bowley



Jarle Tatt, Assistant District Governor:

            Jarle gave a short presentation primarily on the forthcoming District Conference in 2018 which will be held in Canterbury on September 7th to           9th.      The attendance at District Conferences has been dropping in    recent years and a key objective is to revitalise the programme with the         aim of turning around the decline.      The main event will be held at the           University of Kent where the auditoria can hold 500 delegates.  There will       be a programme of 3 or 4 major speakers including Paul Craven, a             behavioural economist, Penny Mallory, a motivational speaker and David      Starkey, the historian; it is also hoped to have Peter James, a thriller         writer.    In addition there will be a Rotary Showcase where local clubs      can promote key activities and share ideas.     The idea is for delegates to      pick up Club leaflets and then go to one of a number of breakout rooms       where a facilitators will aim to get people talking.      On the Friday      evening there will be a proms night in the Colyer-Fergusson Hall with             guided tours of Canterbury and other events during the day on Saturday      and a gala dinner in the evening.      Active participation and a good          turnout from local clubs will be welcome.

Remembrance Sunday, November 12th:

            Robert S. laid a wreath on behalf of the Club at the War Memorial in   Whitstable.    Andrew B. laid a wreath at Ypres.    

Car Parking, November 11th:

            The car parking on November 11th was another successful day with   £425.00 being raised from parking, £22.50 from the stall and £20.00 from    the sale of crocus bulbs.

Car Parking, December 16th:

            Godfrey needs volunteers for the last car parking of the year.    There is a     form in the folder so please sign up if you can help.

RC Herne Bay Race Night, Saturday, November 18th:

            David B. reminded everyone of the RC Herne Bay Race Night on Saturday     at 7.00 pm at Herne Bay Primary and Junior School, Kings Road, Herne     Bay in aid of Canterbury Rising Sun charity.    David still has a few   places and please contact him direct if you would like to go.

Dictionaries, Presentation at Swalecliffe Primary School, Wednesday, November 22nd:

            The dictionaries are ready and Robert S. will present them to the children     at Swalecliffe Primary School on Wednesday, November 22nd.     

Quiz Night,  November 25th:

            Owain has four tickets for the Quiz Night as some guests of his are      unable to go.   Please contact Owain (0788 0757905) if you would like to          take them up.   Pat and Jean are still on the hunt for raffle prizes.

Christmas Dinner, Whitstable Castle, Saturday, December 8th:

            Pat reminded everyone that she needs the menu choices for themselves        and their guests as soon as possible.    The menu has been circulated and             there is a form in the folder.

Table Tennis Evening, January:

            Dave C. has managed to make contact with Chestfield Warriors Table             Tennis Club and hopes to arrange an evening in January.

Walk4Water, March 23rd

            Everyone who has schools to contact is asked to do so as soon as possible    as the numbers to order for bags has to be finalised by the end of November.

Greetings from Other Clubs:

            Jarle brought greetings from Canterbury Sunrise.

Master of Alms:

            Thanks to Paul almost everyone went on their way a little lighter.       


            Spyros won a bottle of wine.