GDPR Policy - Rotary Club of Chestfield

Our GDP policy covering our Club and Rotary Club of Chestfield Trust Fund, Charity activities

General Data Protection Policy

Rotary Club of Chestfield and Rotary Club of Chestfield Trust Fund collects and maintains records of information provided by its members, fellow Rotarians, project partners, guests and speakers and the information below sets out how it uses and stores that information in order for it to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations effective from 25th May 2018.

All information it receives is given freely by the parties involved or collected from publicly available sources and is therefore regarded as “low risk” information of little, or no, use to third parties.

None of the information it receives is shared with third parties for financial gain, or used for reasons other than those detailed below, without the express permission of the provider being obtained in advance.


1)      Guests:

a.       Contact information provided by guests to Club members  are generally used in a personal capacity to contact the Guest to arrange attendance at meetings or events organized by the Club.

b.      The Club does not formally store such details in its records but they are held personally by their contact(s) within the Club.

2)      Visiting Rotarians:

a.       Contact information provided by visiting Rotarians to Club members  are generally used in a personal capacity to contact the Rotarian to arrange attendance at meetings or events organized by the Club.

b.      Members may research the Rotarians Club website or Social Media to obtain information about their activities or Rotary Club to enhance their visit to our Club.

c.       The Club does not formally store such details in its records but they are held personally by their contact(s) within the Club.

3)      Guest Speakers:

a.       Contact information provided by Guest Speaker to Club members  are generally used in a personal capacity to contact the Speaker to arrange attendance at meetings or events organized by the Club.

b.      Members may research the Guest Speakers website or Social Media to obtain information about their activities to enhance their visit to our Club.

c.       The Club may formally store such details in its records for future contact with the Speaker or their Organisation and they may also be held personally by their contact(s) within the Club.





4)      Prospective Club Members:

a.       When a guest is invited to become a member of Rotary they are asked to complete a simple Application Form and supporting documents physically, or on line, in which they detail general information about themselves, their family, business and social activities to enable the Club to consider their application for membership.

b.      If information is provided about family members or business activities it is assumed that the prospective member has authority to provide such details to the Club.

c.       This information is circulated to all Club members in order to obtain their support / comments for the application.

d.      A copy may be electronically stored by District 1120 / RIBI / RI as part of the members records if membership is confirmed. If membership is refused all copies of the information provided will be destroyed and /or removed from digital records.

e.      Members may research the prospective Members website or Social Media to obtain information about their activities to enhance their knowledge of the prospective member before deciding on their application to join.

5)      Rotary Members:

a.       Details from the members application form are stored physically and / or electronically by RC of Chestfield / District 1120 / RIBI / RI to form part of the members history as a Rotarian.

b.      The Rotarian may access their own membership details through the Club website or RI DMS Database to update / revise / delete details as required.

c.       This membership information is not accessible by third parties (see d. below) and the Rotarian sets their own password / security access to these information records.

d.      RC of Chestfield authorizes a maximum of two of its “Officers”(normally Secretary and Treasurer) and its Webmaster to update details on its own Website, DMS Database (Member details) and RI Database to ensure continuity and relevance of the information stored to enable Rotary as a whole to provide services and information to its Members, National, District and Club operations.

e.      Our Club issues a list of members to all members with contact details of its members to enable Fellowship to develop between members. This may be in hard or electronic format and the “master” copy is retained / updated / circulated by the Club Secretary.

f.        Rotarians can also obtain a copy of a standard Club Membership document from the DMS website which can only be accessed by Rotarians and is not available on public side of websites.

g.       Officers of the Club also provide their contact details via our Club Website & DMS System to enable Rotarians / District 1120 / RIBI and RI to contact them directly on matters that are relevant to the roles they are undertaking on behalf of the Club.

h.      RC of Chestfield members are prohibited from disclosing any member contact details to third parties without the express permission of the member being given in advance.




i.         RC of Chestfield members are advised to send “multiple member” information emails with recipients added to the Bcc copy section of the emails so that members addresses cannot be forwarded to others in error and to stop a specific email being used by others by accident to reply via.

j.        If a member is organizing a Club Event their contact details may be used on promotional literature, the web site or social media for third parties to contact for further information. This will only be done with the express permission of the member being given in advance.

k.       RC of Chestfield uses Social Media to promote its activities and members are encouraged to use this to widen knowledge of our activities to the general public and in doing so follow the rules laid down by that Social Media provider. No member is allowed to use this Club Media for activities that embarrass or demean in any way its members, the Club as a whole, Rotary, it’s Partners or its Guests.

l.         RC of Chestfield does not retain hard copies or electronic records of members financial information. If this information is provided to enable electronic transfer of payments it is only recorded on the Clubs relevant Bank Account records and no details of passwords / PINS will ever be requested by a member of the Club, or it’s Treasurer.

m.    Members are requested to complete a Gift Aid Declaration form on joining the Club and this is retained in hard copy or electronic format by the Treasurer to support the Club’s application for Gift Aid support to HMRC each year. Members are provided with details of their own personal Gift Aid claim details in advance of the submission for their prior approval.

6)      Organisations / Individuals supported by the Club:

a.       RC of Chestfield will always request confirmation in advance from any organization or individual that it wishes to support that they are happy to receive such support and be associated with the proposed fund raising activity if applicable.

b.      Any contact details / logos / website addresses used to promote the organization or individual by the Club will be provided in the knowledge that they will be used in this way and may be retained for future contact if required.

c.       No details provided will be supplied to third parties without the permission of the organization / individual concerned.

7)      Publicity / Media promotion / Pictures:

a.       RC of Chestfield will only use information expressly provided by an organisation or individual it is supporting, or that is already in the public domain, to promote its events to the general public.

b.      Any pictures taken of Members, Guests, Sponsors, Event Supporters or Participants which are used on our Website, Social Media or promotional literature does not “identify” them by name and those involved would be aware of the use of the photos. We also follow the guidelines laid down in Rotary Protection Policies relevant to young / vulnerable individuals where prior agreement is always sought before publication.







8)      Event Supporters / Participants:

a.       Where contact is made by an individual or organization wishing to support the Club as a whole, or support / enter one of its events, the contact information provided by them will only be used for that specific purpose / event by the Club.

b.      Permission will be sought to retain long term and use this contact information for future Club events or activities from them in advance.


Access to information held by RC of Chestfield:

                                                               i.      Any organization / individual may ask for details of information held by us about them to enable them to ensure it is accurate / relevant for the purposes of which it is held.


How information is held by RC of Chestfield:

                                                             ii.      Formal records are held by the Club Secretary and Treasurer in hard and electronic format to enable them to carry out their roles efficiently and effectively on behalf of the Club and its Members.

                                                            iii.      These may be on re-moveable hard drives or on personal computers but these will be protected by security passwords / firewalls as applicable to reduce the risk of a Data breach.

                                                           iv.      Any information shared with other Club Members may be held by them in hard copies or electronically.


How information is destroyed by RC of Chestfield:

                                                             v.      If an organisation / individual requests us to remove information about them from our records then this will be done as effectively as possible from all Club records within 7 days of the request being received by Officers of the Club and will not be used for any future Club activities.

                                                           vi.      If applicable individual members will be requested to delete any information they may hold personally.

                                                          vii.      If a member leaves the Club all of their personal information, except their name, date of joining Rotary and date of leaving Rotary are removed from all the Rotary databases, DMS system and Club records. The information retained in the DMS system is used only for Rotary statistics and not to identify the member directly.

                                                        viii.      If a member transfers to another Rotary Club their details remain on the DMS database as part of their Service History but are transferred to their new Clubs DMS system where the member can still access / update details if required.

                                                           ix.      When Club Membership Directories are updated members are requested to destroy / delete previous copies they may hold in such a way that it cannot be used by any third party.



RIBI Guidelines:

Rotary clubs and districts within Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) acknowledge that it has a responsibility to ensure that members personal data held on the RI Global Database and the RIBI Template Database comply with Data Protection Laws and the RI, RIBI District and Club Data Privacy Statements.

Clubs and districts are committed to:

·         Ensuring that all steps are taken to collect, process, store and use members personal data in accordance with Date Protection Laws, including the Guiding Principles, and the RI, RIBI and Club & District Data Privacy Statements.


·         Providing all members of the club/district with information and advice to ensure where they have a responsibility for the handling of personal data, they do so in accordance with this policy statement.


·         Establishing systems and procedures that will ensure clubs and districts can comply with this policy statement.


·         Ensuring that when collecting personal data, the documents include, or make reference to, the Club & District Data Privacy statement and the RIBI Data Privacy statement, i.e. whether the statements are included in full on documentation/forms or included in full on the club/district website and referred to on documentation/forms.


Club & District Data Privacy Statement

As part of core Rotary business, clubs and districts facilitate communication with Rotarians, Rotary International and Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland and collects personal information about Rotary club members, and their partners and associates where appropriate, to be used solely for the purpose of conducting core business activities on the RI Global Database and RIBI Template Database, these include:

·         Preparing annual District/Club Directories.

·         Calculating semi-annual dues payable to Rotary International

·         Identifying prospective candidates for presidential and Foundation appointments to conferences, RIBI, RI and TRF committees, task forces, and other assignments

·         Supporting The Rotary Foundation

·         Providing information and updates to district governors, district officers and others involved in RI and RIBI programs and service projects

·         Providing goods and services to clubs and districts for their general activities

·         Providing guidance to clubs and districts in their general activities and public relations efforts

·         Communicating key organisational messages and information to district and club leaders and members

·         Facilitating conference, assembly and special event planning

·         Supporting ‘The Rotarian’ and the RIBI regional magazine ‘Rotary’

·         Identifying Rotarians who have specific language and/or professional skills


RI and RIBI Data Privacy Statement

For RIBI Privacy Statement, see RIBI website:

For RI Privacy Statement, see RI website:

This policy, and all related documents, will be reviewed by RIBI at the end of each Rotary year following which appropriate advice and updated documents, if so required, will be provided to all RIBI districts.

This policy, and any documents based upon it, should be re-validated annually by signing of the RIBI Combined Compliance Statement by Officers of RC of Chestfield.


Approved by Board

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