General Meeting

Thu 23rd November 2017 at 07.30 - 08.30

Dear Everyone,


Please find attached the minutes of the SGM this morning.  


  • The Club Quiz Night is next Saturday at 7.00 for 7.30 pm.    Help is needed to set up from 6.00 pm onwards.   There are some tickets available.
  • Next week, November 30th, the meeting will be in the evening at 7.00 for 7.30 pm at the Golf Club and everyone is expected to be there unless they notify Godfrey in advance as normal.
  • The campaign to save the Kent and Canterbury Hospital will be holding a public meeting at the Horsebridge on Saturday, December 2nd and everyone who is concerned about our health services is urged to be there.
  • Could you please bring your food donations to the Reverse Advent Calendar to the meeting on December 7th and not Christmas Eve as on the form in the folder.      
  • The meeting on December 14th cannot be held at the Golf Club and Godfrey is looking for an alternative venue.
  • A visit to the chocolate factory in Hythe has been organised for Wednesday, January 17th and Robert needs to give them numbers as soon as possible.


Special General Meeting

Held on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

                                             At The Golf Club, Chestfield                     

Apologies for Absence:                                         

            Wendy                        Myfanwy                    Reggie                        

            Jackie                          Maureen                     Owain

            Pete                             Sarah             

Visitors and Guests:

            David Bailey guest of Hilary


            Robert M.

Toast to the Queen:

Robert S. opened the meeting with a loyal toast to the Queen.


As there were no other nominations for Board positions for the year 2018/9, those nominated in the notice of the Special General Meeting circulated to the membership were elected unopposed as follows:

President for 2018/9:   The current Vice-President for 2017/8, Pat McFarlane, will automatically assume the Presidency taking this position on the board.

Past President & Foundation for 2017/8:   Robert Sissons, the current President for 2017/8 will take up both positions on handing over the Presidency and will attend Board Meetings.    

Vice-President Elect for 2019/20:   Sue Vargyas.     Sue will have an automatic position on the Board.

Treasurer: David Mann.   David M. will have an automatic position on the Board and be part of the Club Administration Committee.

Secretary: David Kingham.  David K. will have an automatic position on the Board and be part of the Club Administration Committee.

Community and Vocational: Sue Vargyas.

Social Secretary: Robert McFarlane,    The position of Social Secretary is part of the Rotary Foundation Committee and Robert will attend Board Meetings.

Fund Raising: Dave Coupland.      The position of Fund Raising Chair is part of the Rotary Foundation Committee and Dave will attend Board Meetings.

International: Andrew Brealy.   The position of Chair of the International Committee is part of Service Projects Committee, and Andrew will attend Board Meeting.

Youth Opportunities: Owain Williams.      The position of Youth Opportunities is part of the Service Projects Committee, and Owain will attend Board Meetings.

PR & Communications: Sue Vargyas.

Club Protection/ Health & Safety and Environment: Paul Hooke-Overy.    In these roles, Paul will attend Board Meetings.

New Membership Officer: As Vice-President Elect, Sue Vargyas will be taking up this role.

Master at Arms: Nick Robinson.

Meal Steward: Godfrey Brown. 

Almoner: Jackie Smith. 

Pat gave a very quick run through on her thoughts for next year which she hopes will be colourful and creative. 


Ron Benning:

Ron thanked the Club on behalf of his new wife, Irene, and himself for the card and flowers to welcome them into their new home.

Andrew Brealy:

In the course of discussion, Andrew B. stated clearly and unequivocally that if asked he would always sit down and shut up.      The disbelieving assembly voted overwhelmingly for that to be minuted.

Gideon Scott:

Paul had been to visit Gideon who, sadly, is still very ill.

Daphne Grey Memorial Donation;

The Club had made a donation of £850 to Pilgrim’s Hospice in memory of Daphne and the hospice has asked if it would be happy for the money to be used to buy quiet bins for the Canterbury hospice.     The total cost will be over £3,000 but the Club donation will release match-funding.    This was agreed.

Cluster Meeting, Thursday, November 16th:

The meeting was attended by Robert S. and Pat.    It dealt mainly with the 2018 District Conference at Canterbury and support for it that can be expected from local clubs.

RC Herne Bay Race Night, Saturday, November 18th:

A group from the Club went along.   The evening was very successful and was expected to raise in the region of £2,000 for the Canterbury Rising Sun charity.

Gardening at the Whit and Tank Hospital, Saturday, November 18th:

The hospital is very grateful and sends thanks to everyone who helped.    Sue asked if in future someone could remember to take a photograph with everyone there for press releases and the website.

Induction of Georgina Baker at RC Forest of Blean, Monday, November 20th:

Fourteen members went along for an enjoyable evening to wish Georgina well in her new club.

Dictionaries, Presentation at Swalecliffe Primary School, Wednesday, November 22nd:

The dictionaries were presented to the children at Swalecliffe Primary School on Wednesday, November 22nd.      The children were very excited to be presented with their dictionaries and Andrew recommended that      the Club continue to support Swalecliffe Primary.

Quiz Night,  Saturday,November 25th:

Help is needed to set up from 6.00 pm onwards.    There are eight tickets available should anyone want them.    Jean S. and Godfrey have 2 each and Owain has 4.    If you would like to take them up please contact them directly.

Evening Meeting, Thursday, November 30th:

The next meeting will be on November 30th at 7.00 for 7.30 pm at the Golf Club when Mark Woollard will be talking on beekeeping.    As this is a normal meeting everyone is expected to be there unless they send their apologies to Godfrey in the usual way.     He needs to know the number of guests and any dietary preferences.

CHEK Meeting, The Horsebridge, 2.00 pm, Saturday, December 2nd:

The campaign to save the Kent and Canterbury Hospital will be holding a public meeting at the Horsebridge on Saturday, December 2nd  and everyone is urged to be there.

Reverse Advent Calendar, December 7th:

In discussion it was agreed that the date for donations to the Reverse Advent Calendar on the form in the folder of Christmas Eve was too late.    It was agreed that these should be brought to the meeting on December 7th  and David M. will take them to the Food Bank collection point at Johnsons or they could be brought to the Christmas Food Collection on December 10th.

Christmas Dinner, Whitstable Castle, Friday, December 8th:

Could anyone who has not yet paid or given Pat their menu choices please contact David M. as soon as possible?    Hilary has a spare ticket and if anyone would like to take it up please contact her directly.

Christmas Food Collection, December 10th and 11th:

Parcels of food will be given to needy families in the area.    If anyone knows of families who could be helped in this way they will be given priority so please let David M. know.   The rest of the food will be taken to the food bank.

Christmas Decorations, Whit and Tank Hospital, Wednesday, December 13th:

The Christmas Decorations at the Whit and Tank hospital will be put up on Wednesday, December 13th.  If you can help please meet in the foyer of the hospital at 6.00 pm.    The decorations will be taken down on Thursday, January 4th.     Once again if you can help please meet in the foyer of the hospital at 6.00 pm.

Meeting, Thursday, December 14th:

It will not be possible to have the meeting on December 14th at the Golf Club and Godfrey is looking for an alternative venue and hopes to be able to organise the meeting at Chestfield Barn.

Car Parking, December 16th:

Godfrey needs volunteers for the last car parking of the year.    There is a form in the folder so please sign up if you can help.     At the top of the form there is the number of volunteers needed for each session.     If you see that any session has sufficient volunteers please sign up for another if you can. 

Car Parking, January 13th.

Just a reminder the next car parking in the New Year is on Saturday, January 13th.     There is a form in the folder.

Visit to Hendricks of Hythe, Wednesday, January 17th:

There is a form in the folder and those who would like to go are asked to sign-up as soon as possible as the numbers have to be confirmed.     The tour begins at 2.30 pm.    Meeting at 12.30 pm for lunch in the King’s Head next door to Hendricks.     Car parking is available in the Waitrose car park.

Robert and Gill’s Catalonian Fundraising Dinner, January 20th:

There are still two places left.

Table Tennis Evening, January:

Dave C. has managed to make contact with Chestfield Warriors Table Tennis Club and hopes to arrange a Friday evening in January.

Walk4Water, March 23rd

Seven schools have signed up and some others need to be contacted (Joy Lane, St. Stephen’s, Graveney, Briary and St. Mary’s) and this needs to be done as soon as possible so that the number of bags can be finalised before the end of November.

Fire Escape:

Everyone was relieved to hear that Paul had complained to the Club about the fire escape being locked last week and, as a result, it will now be kept open.

Greetings from Other Clubs:

   RC Forest of Blean and RC Canterbury.


Spyros brought some artichokes and horse radish for sale.

Master of Alms:

As usual Paul was merciless.             


Andrew M. won a bottle of wine, farmer Brealy won a book on growing vegetables and Jean won some tomatoes.



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