Hoddesdon to Himalays Project


We at the Rotary Club of Amersham  are often impressed by youth. Today , John Hiscock of the Rotary Club of Hoddesdon introduced us to George Wooldridge and Josh Clancy, who gave us a presentation on their H2H project. The first aim of the project is to provide support to the JamasewaSchool Kathmandu whose facilities were damaged during the earthquakes of 2012 and 2015. Another goal is to march to the EverestBaseCamp. All of this is to take place  between the 29th March and the 16th April this year.

TheRotaryClubof KathmanduMidTown has partnered the RotaryClubOfHeddesdon in challenging 10 youngsters who study at the  Robert Barclay Academy and the John Warner School, to fundraise, train, plan and undertake the project.


They have  impressively raised funds by holding and participating, in events  such as a Charity Football Match, a race Night, a Spring Dinner and a Dragon Boat Race.
On arrival in the Himalayas they will be painting, decorating and improving the sanitation, kitchen and garden of the local school. Only after this is finished will they tackle the 5365 metre climb they have set themselves.