An update on HS2


On the 23rd February 2017 Royal Assent was granted for Phase One of HS2. In the next 18 months extensive preparation work will take place.  Today's speaker KeithHoffmeister 's  presentation  focused not on
fighting HS2,  but on  how we can make the best of a 'done deal'.  We will benefit by being aware of the timetable, nature and geography of the works which are planned over the next nine years around our beautiful county.
Although a tunnel will be bored from Chalfont St. Peter to Frith Hill, there will be 5 ventilation shafts dug along the way. The bored material will be taken back along the tunnel but that will not cater for the rest produced by the shafts and cuttings. Areas are already assigned for providing quarters for the workers involved in the project, at sites adjacent to the vents and elsewhere. Although we are assured that no HGVs will run through Amersham  and Chesham, the knock on effect of the surrounding traffic is inevitably going to have a major impact on our roads.