A useful item of picture editing software

Microsoft Office Picture Manager

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Many people who run Microsoft Office do not realise that they probably have picture editing software within the package.

If you did not know this, do run Microsoft Office and do not have other picture editing software available or would like to use a simple straight forward basic program for this purpose, follow this route - Click your start button and select "All Programs". Go to "Microsoft Office Tools" and follow the arrow alongside. If "Microsoft Picture Manager" is shown in the Microsoft Office Tools sub-menu, click on the heading to open the program. At this stage you might like to either put a shortcut onto your computer desktop or add it to your favourites.

The program is not fully comprehensive photographic software, but provides facilities to quickly and easily do the following tasks -
- Open jpg, jpeg, gif and some other picture format files.
- Resize and/or condense pictures and photographs.
- Crop and rotate images.
- Red eye removal
- Alter the colour balance, brightness and contrast of the whole picture.

- Add textures to pictures.

Several of the member photos on this site have been prepared using this software.