WW1 in the Middle East

An illustrated talk by Stuart Hadaway

On a rainy day in Amersham, one cannot begin to understand the conditions in which the British Army fought in the Middle East, during the First World War. Thirst , heat, cold, sand and foreign cultures conspired to make life difficult. Stuart Hadaway, our speaker today, made us aware of why the fighting on this front was of primary importance in the First World War,  ready supplies of materials such as tin, rubber, and tea as well as troops, from the Far East and Autralasia relied on the Suez Canal. France and Italy also relied on this short strip which needed to be defended against the Ottoman troops.

Stuart Hadaway is a professional military historian who has worked with regimental museums around the UK, including as curator of the RAF Museum. He is currently senior researcher to the official historians of the RAF, as well as being a prolific writer with articles published in magazines including Britain at War, Military Illustrated, and Your Family Tree.
This enjoyable and educational presentation was greatly appreciated by the membership.'