Quiz night

Tue 6th June 2017 at 15.36 - Thu 30th November 2017 - 16.35

A report on Quiz night, our fifth Wednesday meeting.

 The fifth Wednesday meeting , a quiz night at  Waltham Golf Club  and was set by Ann and Martyn Turner.

People assembled themselves into tables of six and Martyn reassured them, that they were not re setting their “O” levels.

After selecting a team name the first round was a picture quiz of “well known” or not of faces of people "in the media"a difficult one was of Nicola Sturgeon, wearing glasses, and photographed through a car window. This was followed  by  questions including missing words and colours. Some looked very puzzled when for the latter we said the clue was “go”. 

Evening meal was served and as usual they were very generous with the serving of curry. At the half way mark there two team in first place, ie 19thHole and Frank’s money bags. There was a somewhat light hearted (challenge) dispute regarding the ability of the  Odd men out team to count correctly Thewy were tight and the score was adjusted from 32 to 28.

The next rounds included pictures of Grimsby,Cleethorpes,bridges and questions where the answer was birds.

The final score was Frank’s money bags on 63 with other teams on 63,61,60,58 with the lowest score of 45. Prizes were awarded to the winners (a small bottle of wine each) and biros as the booby prize.

As a question setter we could see some puzzled looks but everybody was engaged. It was an enjoyable evening.