Clay pigeon shooting competition

Tue 6th June 2017 at 15.46 - Thu 30th November 2017 - 16.45

A report on our first re-entry clay pigeon shoot

Our first charity re-entry clay pigeon shoot was held on Saturday 3rd June at Nettleton Shooting Lodge, Caistor. After a terrific downpour overnight the day soon brightened up to become a very pleasant  day. Ben Jacobs (who owns the shooting lodge) had to remove a fallen tree from the woodland lane  leading to the grounds to make it accessible. By 9.30am Ben had set out the   five traps.

 39 shooters turned up  and the majority of them opted to shoot as  individuals  with only two teams of four. There were five stands with a total of 35 clays. It was a somewhat challenging course ,with one particular stand…the tower (with a new trap)…that proved particularly difficult even for the crack shots. In this stand Ben had put in some orange clays, so that the shooters would not know whether or not there was going to be a black or orange clay .At this stand  , I missed one clay because I did not see it! Oh dear. There were spot prizes (of a small bottle of wine) if you hit an orange clay.Only one bottle was claimed and that was by Will,well done.

Ben had included a stand for beginners and with coaching

At 2 pm the BBQ was served and it was a welcome break from the event. Tea, coffee or a cold drink was provided by our ladies. Many said how tasty were the Lincolnshire sausages . In this tent was the raffle, guess the number of lead shot in a jar and people could buy a ticket for casting a fly (into a tyre) competition. Unfortunately the nylon line was too friable and this event was abandoned.

Lead shot in the jar. There were 36,378 lead shot in the jar and the nearest guess  was 50,000 and they won a bottle of wine.

At the end of the event there were a first prize  (£50) for a team of four,(75 out of  140). First and second for individual men  was   29 (out of 35 clays) and 28 respectivelyt. Nineteen was the top score for the ladies individual event with a second score of 16.   Excellent results,given the degree of difficulty and  well deserved prizes. The first prizes for the team and ladies was donated to the President’s  charity.

A very successful day and we have learnt a lot for our first event.

Thanks to our sponsors  Blakemore  & Sons Ltd, and for the clay stands  ie Turner’s Butchers (who also provided the BBQ),Bottomley Distillers (Pin Gin)and Axeholme Brewery Co.(Brewer of Cleethorpes Pale Ale).