Youth Services

Aireborough has steadily built up a strong programme of activities involving local young people and 2017/18 will be no exception.

After being allocated two places on the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) course in 2016/17 we were delighted to have the opportunity to select very suitable candidates to fill them. However, having attended the District Assembly in York it is very unlikely we will enjoy the same success given the increased number of Clubs in our District -1040. This project does involve a good number of Club members in the selection process and is certainly a life-changing experience for the candidates as well as being appreciated by Secondary Schools.  

The Technology Tournament will once again require our willing help in a number of ways and the first hurdle has been successfuly negotiated with all four High Schools persuaded to sign up and compete in March 2018. Our Club members have always been in high demand as Committee members as well as taking on roles from Chairing the Committee through to acting as judges, stewards and providing technical assistance. The trend will hopefully be continued when the new year begins on 1.07.2017

However we do need to continue being aware that schools are under ever more pressures including changes to the curriculum, tests, targets, inspections as well as budgetary considerations and initiatives, important to us, cannot always be easily accommodated.

We will continue to organise a 'Young musicians' competition following the last few years of this very successful event. We have established good contacts with the music teachers in the four schools and found them all very supportive.

This year the Committee are also thinking about participating in the Rotary Young Chef and Youth Speaks competitons and we can make this happen with support and help from both junior and senior schools.

Local schools do value our activities and our Service above Self Awards are presented at Awards Evenings receiving good publicity and their continuation in the coming year is recommended.

Requests have again been received from some of our senior schools to perform mock interviews, which are useful to pupils looking to progress to university, college or career choices. This has yet to be implemented.

After the unusually lukewarm response to the Sponsored Charity Walk this year we are thinking about other ways to help schools raise funds for chosen projects.

The Youth Services and Community Committees are still working on a joint project involving the youth of Aireborough, currently in the planning stage but with hopes to move forward.

Schools also value efforts from other Committees like the support for international  and environmental projects, like 'Kids Out', Dictionaries4Primary Schools, reading in schools, help with facilities and Governor representation.  

I thank the whole Club for their effors in the past, hope you agree with our programme for 2017/18 and will continue with your support.

Rember:'Youth are our future - there is no alternative ( Patrick Glenn)

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