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100% of ALL Profits raised will go to Charities supported by Rotary including:Local - Local Schools, Barrow Farm Riding for the Disabled & Little Havens Childrenʼs Hospice.International - Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders), Chernobyl Children's Life Line and Rotary Foundation – End Polio

Interested in the Soapbox Derby?  Want to take part but can't be a team member?  Or just want to support us and help make the charitable donations as large as possible?

Just click on the team number or name below and you will be taken to a web page which will allow you to sponsor the team of your choice.

201     Only Fools No Horses (Steve Biggs)

202    Billericay Self Storage

203    Burghstead Farm Shop

204    Complete CARnage

205    Paul Samuelson

206    Matt Rothery

207   Matt Everard

208   Piñata (Lee Mason)

209   Andrew Wilkins

210   Lisa Bridgey

211   Kayley Passingham

212   S.E. Vintage & Classic Vehicle Club

213   Jonathan Gibson

214   James Dansey

215   Adrenaline Adventurers (Thomas Bartlett)

216   Killer Heels

217   Michelle Dudbridge

218   Keith Bowtell

219   Rotary Club of Wickford

220   Daniel Hughes

221   Nigel Stratton

222   Quilters Junior School

222.2      "Wadey Bear"

223   University of Bolton - Sharon Sturgess

224   Laura Watkins

225   Billericay Golf Ltd

226   Keith Orchard

227   Dave Hall

228   Ashton&Charters (South Green Junior School)

229   Buttsbury Junior School

230   25th S. E . Essex Boys Brigade

231   Nick Lang

232   Wardell-Armstrong Complete CARnage

233   Rob Tarbox

234   Mayflower High School Team 1

235   Mayflower High School Team 2

236   Alan Gibson

237   Kenny Amos

238   Brad Valks

239   Matthew Dipple

240   Stuart James

241   Tootin CARmoon (Tony Rolfe)

242   Lee Knieriem

243   Fatih Korkmaz

244   Colchester Royal Grammar School

245   The 'A' Team (Dick Lanham)

246   Martin Lee

247   Billericay Services

248   Mowmentum 2 (R Farndon & Sons)

249   Rallysport Engineering Academy

250   Terry Loveridge

251   Billericay Round Table

252   Parabar Blinders

253   Shenfield High School Team 1

254   Shenfield High School Team 2

255   Hannah Knight

256   Essex & Suffolk Water (Alex Hastie)

If you just wish to sponsor the Soapbox Derby as a whole, then you can do so by clicking on the line below:

Rotary Club Of Billericay Soapbox Derby 2018