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Sun 10th September 2017 at 17.40 - Sun 8th October 2017 - 18.40

Working at the Rotary Youth Camp Inc. Face Book of the camp:

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Dannie Habib in Florida

Working at the Rotary Youth Camp Inc.

Face Book of the camp:


 I have arrived here safely and have spent the last two nights at the camp. It's very warm here and we have been very busy preparing for the arrival of the first campers who come on Sunday. The journey was long I was travelling for around 24 hours all together, But 2 long car drives, a few trains across London and 2 planes and I made it! 

I'm the only none American person here so I've been teaching everyone about all things England!

2. Dannie

.DannieThe first group of campers arrived today. It is the older group and they are aged between 17 and 48! It has been a crazy busy day but I'm finally about to go to sleep (It's 12.40!). I have been chosen as head counsellor which means I'm extra busy making sure everything goes smoothly! I have my own class room for my sessions which I have been busy decorating.

Up bright and early tomorrow for a team meeting then we will be getting the campers up and ready for the day. The campers have ranging needs and abilities so some need physical suport getting up and ready too.


It has been a very busy and fun week. It has been challenging physically as it is none stop but such a rewarding experience. The first group of campers went home on Friday and the next group arrive tomorrow. This group is going to be the youngest age group aged 5 to 15 with ranging disabilities. 

Last week's group enjoyed activities such as horse riding, swimming and lots of crafts. I also delivered sessions teaching about England! It is amazing to see all campers get involved in activities that they may not have had the opportunity to participate in before. I have attached photos of the horse riding, where even our campers in wheelchairs were able to have a go. There was a talent show and a dance on the last night which was such a lovely night where campers got the chance to get dressed up and have fun.

4. Dannie

This week's campers have just gone home. It was sad to say goodbye to them, we had such a fun week! We did lots of activities such as horse riding, pool games and yoga! We also made home made butter and slime which was messy and fun! We had a carnival with lots of games and our last night was the dance. On Thursday morning we went to a ranch and had a hayride where we saw deer, elk and even some horses. It has been amazing being part of these children's summer memories and seeing all of their smiles. This camp means so much to the campers who attend and I feel very lucky to be a part of something so special. 

Blog 5 from Dannie in Florida

We are midweek with the teens and it's another fun and busy week

 Last night we had a carnival night where we painted faces, played Apple bobbing and hook a duck. Lots of smiles and fun.

I am currently tidying up my classroom after a morning of making home made clay. We talked about England and created models to reflect what reminds us of England. The children made crowns, fish and chips,  tadris and even crumpets out of their clay! We will be going to the pool soon which is always popular in this heat. Yesterday I was thrown in the pool fully clothed, which was less fun for me but the children had a good laugh at a very soggy Dannie! 

Earlier in the week we had a fantastic trip to the beautiful wakulla springs. We had a boat trip where we saw alligators, birds and turtles followed by a swim in the lake.

This camp gives children such amazing memories and opportunities to thrive, smile and enjoy. 

Blog 6

On Friday the last group of campers went home. It was emotional not only because I was saying goodbye to yet another amazing group of children and young people, but because camp was coming to an end. I left camp yesterday and am having a couple of days exploring in New Orleans with the camp director Shelly before I return home. 

Leaving camp was very hard and incredibly emotional. We became a family, And created some amazing memories together. My colleagues are now my friends, And each and every one inspired me in different ways. Some of the workers had their own disabilities and needs, and taught me so much. I have learnt some sign language during this experience which has helped me interact with my new friends who are deaf or hard of hearing, this is something I plan on continuing to learn and develop. 

The sadness we all felt saying goodbye showed me how important this camp has been not only for the campers but for the staff.

I will be flying home tomorrow night. I am very excited to see everyone back home, And although it's hard saying bye to my new friends we all said it's not goodbye, It's see you later. 

My experience here has been life changing and this camp will forever have a place in my heart. The children, young people and adults who attended the camp have given me such joy, seeing their happiness and smiles. Being a part of that is a special thing. 

Thank you for helping make this happen.