Handover dinner

Thu 13th July 2017 at 20.32 - Thu 30th November 2017 - 21.30

A change of presidents for the new rotary year.

Handover Dinner.

The Handover dinner was held at the Grimsby Golf Club on Wednesday  evening 28th


The dinner was well attended and after the meal President Mike Quickfall gave his valedictory speech. He had enjoyed the year as president and had received a lot of support from members, for which he was grateful.He awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship to Past President Tony Powell in recognition for his contribution to the club.Currently Tony is secretary to the club.

Congratulations  Tony.

At the end of the speech Mike  passed the chain of office to President Mike Bull and wished him all the best for his year. The jewel of office was transferred from Katie Quickfall to Nicki Bull.Other jewels/badge of office were also conferred to the secretary,treasurer and sergeant at arms.Mike was awrded his past president's badge.