Councillor Christina McGilligan-fell

Wed 19th July 2017 at 10.29 - Sun 31st December 2017 - 23.25

The former Madam Mayor Christina McGilligan-fell addressed the club

Christina and Mike Bull,President

The speaker at last Wednesday's lunch was the former Madam Mayor Christina McGilligan-fell of Great Grimsby.

Christina,who is now an independant councillor,talked about her year as the mayor. When chosen she had decided to enjoy her year despite the fact that at the very begining she lost her P.A. and car driver.Therfore, Christina (supported by her Consort Ian Birrell) had to organise her diary and car transport. Despite this she enjoyed the year and meeting various digintaries including the former Prime Minister David Cameroon on the Armed Force day.

Christina had a video of her three day challenge that was accomplished at the very end of her year. Her chosen charity was the John Nidd Diabetic Fund (John Nidd was a former president of the Club).The video showed Christina on a tandem and stopping off to do various challenges including drinking a pint of stout,planting some flowers,having a swim  etc. Christina visited all parts of the borough.

Well done  and supporting a good cause.