Melanie Onn M.P. lunch time speaker

Wed 16th August 2017 at 19.38 - Sun 31st December 2017 - 23.55

A report of Melanie's talk


Today Melanie Onn M.P. (for Great Grimsby) was our lunch time

speaker .Melanie was re elected this year and has been an M.P.  for 2.5 years.When she first arrived in Westminster she found it daunting,memerising  and difficult to navigate along corridors and staircases  to find places but quickly found her feet. Melanie observed this reaction in the latest batch of new M.P.s

Melanie divided her talk  dealing with her constituency requirements and those of Parliament. For the former this included job opportunities, skills, training, regeneration  packages (recently announced)skills fairs ,homeless people and promoting a positive image for Grimsby.

As an Member of Parliament Melanie has been on various committees ,including one for flooding,and is now Chair of the Fisheries Committee  and is shadow  Housing Minister.One concern of hers is  the problems of autism and the under diagnosis in girls.

Melanie said  that there is a fine balance between being an M.P. and  constituency work.Some people expect problems to  be solved instantly, and some seem surprised that she has to go to London on a regular basis! At the end Melanie dealt with a few questions.