Disaster Support

Sat 16th September 2017 at 18.40 - Sun 29th October 2017 - 19.40

Our club helps with disaster support around the world.

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Disaster Support

We as a club support disasters help around the world, we purchase Shelter Boxes and Aqua Boxes.

During the recent Colour Fub rub we collected £176.88 and on Saturday 16thSeptember we collected in St.Peters Avenue, Cleethorpes £240 during dreadful condition it rained the whole day.

Shelter Box website click  >HERE<

Aquaboxes click  >HERE<

Disaster alert – social media information

With a high number of humanitarian and natural disasters occurring across the world, Rotary clubs are at the forefront of assistance, through collecting funds, raising awareness and offering support.

A dedicated page has been created on the rotarygbi.org website for disaster relief updates - https://www.rotarygbi.org/disaster-relief/

This page is designed to give a snapshot for the public and Rotarians about how Rotary responds in the aftermath of disasters, what current appeals there are and how they can donate. There is also an option for Rotarians to sign in to the members’ area for more detailed information. This will be updated on a more regular basis.

This document will assist clubs in sharing updates with their communities through their social media pages.

How Rotary responds

Emergency response box charities - Following the immediate aftermath of disasters, Rotary members support a number of emergency response box charities, most of which actually started out their lives as Rotary club projects and have grown to provide essential assistance throughout the world. In most cases, these charities will work with local Rotarians, wherever the disaster may be in the world. This is the recommended route for Rotarians and members of the public who are looking to donate following humanitarian and environmental disasters and crises.

Emergency response box charities include:

  • ShelterBox

  • Aquabox

  • Water Survival Box

  • Disaster Aid UK & Ireland

  • LifeStraw

Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Donations Trust - As well as supporting in the immediate aftermath, Rotary is able to use our network of clubs across the globe to introduce sustainable, community development projects in the longer term.

The Donations Trust is a registered charity, established in 2007. Since then the charity has continued its work with the purpose of responding to major disasters at home and abroad in the reconstruction phase following a disaster. Typical projects include constructing and equipping school and community centres, rebuilding infrastructure and providing rescue vehicles.

Emergency response box charity social media profiles

On social media, it’s always good to tag the organisation you are supporting as it lets them know what Rotary is doing to help. They may also retweet or share it on their own channel, which means more exposure for your club.

You can also tag the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland accounts.

Following these accounts is also a great way to keep up to date with developments.

Retweeting and sharing posts from the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland social media pages is an important way to show what Rotary is doing on a national level.









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