H2O is a Stokesley Rotary Club project to raise funds for Shelter Box and a medical support project in Malawi.

H20     (Helmsley to the Ouse)

When the Rotary club of  Stokesley came up with the ambitious idea to raise funds by canoeing from Helmsley to the Ouse,they were probably unaware of the impact of their venture.  Ken Braithwaite (their navigator and 'Roadie') planned the route, Reed Gamble and Graham Brotton trained to use a Canadian canoe and other Rotary clubs on the Derwent agreed to support the project.

Malton members then suggested joining the canoeists as far as Kirkham Abbey and six 'qualified' paddlers left the Talbot steps to accompany Reed and Graham. The journey down the river was eventful, Tony K, (The president)  Travelled most of the way either sideways or backwards, but only fell out of his canoe once. Most of the amateurs arrived at the Abbey damp, late and laughing. 

On the 2nd October, the club met the members of Stokesley and Pocklington Club at the Talbot Hotel for an evening of fiendship and music.  Reed and Graham are classical guitarists, have produced a CD 'The Water is Wide' which can be purchased from kendoreen12@hotmail.co.uk. Proceeds to go to Shelter Box and a Malawi medical project

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