Better lifestyles for over 65s

A talk by Daneille Jakic


Danielle Jakic, who is a Fitness Manager in the Chiltern Pools and Leisure facility, joined us to give a talk on how the over 65’s might adopt “Better” lifestyles and fitness. She began by saying that those over 65 now represent one third of the total UK population; an age group where coronary heart disease remains the main killer. With Rotarians having just eaten a meal of pate, followed by fish goujons and sauteed potatoes, she went on to say that obesity coupled with inactivity is prevalent amongst most age groups, with the over 65s enjoying the spare time to do something about it.

Indeed, regular physical activity can improve one’s bone condition, immune system, cognitive functions and can prevent falls. Likewise, regular exercise can release “happy hormones” which, in turn, can reduce stress and anxiety. Danielle was heartened to learn that many Rotarians remain active, taking part in such activities as golf, gardening and walking. Even joining a choir can help with breathing and can strengthen one’s core. She emphasised the benefits of taking 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week, defined as reaching a level of breathlessness appropriate to the individual. Carpet bowls (in which our Club has just been crowned District champions) does not fit this definition, although the sight of our B team beating our A team, did leave some speechless.  

Finally, Danielle reminded us all about the virtues of good posture, especially when seated. At that point, Rotarians noticeably sat up and avoided the tendency to hunch their shoulders. Such was her impact !