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How we manage ourselves etc - Decorations at 40th anniversary celebrations at the Downe Arms

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April 2018 saw the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Club with visitors from many local Clubs, Aalten Wish in the Netherlands and Scarborough  Australia. Numerous visits to loacal landmarks and attractions took place (Pickering to Whitby train, SCarborough FAir Collection, Sledmere House) and ended with a splendid celebration dinner at the Downe Arms.


This section may ultimately contain the following:- 

  • Outline of meetings structure/'duties'
  • Brief informal history of the Club (wip)
  • There is also a related 'sub page' of sundry eclectic reference information  - click "See related pages" to see it (!!

The small print - Suggested protocol for arranging visiting speakers and visits.

Things we should know and implement which would make life simpler for the Downe Arms and the President and Secretary.

Look out for the e-mail from Lyndsay headed Meeting Planner. Open the spreadsheet and look at the final column, with print in red, where the names of the two Rotarians who have the responsibility for the month specified are stated.

The number of Wednesdays on which meetings/visits need to be arranged can be seen as blanks in the column headed Meeting Title.

It is then, that between the two of you, work can start on arranging a program for each of the Wednesdays which are blank.

As soon as you have fixed and confirmed the program for any Wednesday in your month, let Lyndsay know. Don’t wait until all the vacancies are filled.

In the meantime, other people might have suggestions for your weeks. It is their responsibility to check with Lyndsay and then with you, that there is nothing either planned or in the process of being planned for the date in question.

Normally you will have three months notice, and it is hoped that you can fill the vacancies well before the meeting dates for which you are responsible. If necessary ask for suggestions.

This sounds a bit rigid, and many of the difficulties can be sorted if organisers keep in touch with Lyndsay and me, explaining where they are up to and if they some help.

Bulletin Board.

This is printed on the back page of Cavalcade, and is also circulated by John Dudley and the content is also on the web site on a meeting by meeting basis, and it lists those selected for the three ‘tasks’.

Reception: There are normally two people involved. They need a printed copy of the spreadsheet showing attendance (normally available by first thing Wednesday via e-mail) and ideally to be in position to receive cash (£14 per person) by 7.00pm. By about 7.30pm, advise the Downe Arms staff of the actual number of people attending and give them £12.50 for each person attending. The remaining £1.50 is used to pay for meal(s) of visiting speakers, a contribution to staff gratuities (50p) and any surplus goes to the treasurer.

Grace/Host: This person is responsible for welcoming any visiting speakers and introducing them to members of the club and generally looking after them. The visiting speaker(s) will normally sit with the host at the President’s table, and will then be responsible for saying grace.

Vote of Thanks: This is obviously given at the end of the visiting speakers address, normally at the request of the President. The person concerned is also requested to write a short report and send it to Alan (for Cavalcade) and Peter Howgate (for website) although Alan and Peter are normally in touch anyway; and will pass the information on to Venkatesh and Janet for use in social media as appropriate


Outline of meetings structure and who does what

Forward meeeting planner: Lyndsay does this - assigning two people to organise meetings for each particular month. Often the first month is an away day - otherwsie at the Downe Arms.  The meeting organisers are asked to provide a paragraph or few about the meeting/speaker for publishing in Cavalcade/web/social media. 

Forthcoming meetings:  Alan adds to the above with final details of timings etc and assigns people to the meeting duties of Reception; Grace & host - i.e. host and grace; and Vote of Thanks.

Reception: Two people collect the £ for the hotel meals plus a levy from meber attendees for speakers meals and levy for staff gratuities.  Pay cash to hotel for meals ordered (includes speaker) and balance to treasurer to distribute as gratuity anon. 

Host and grace:  Seek out the speaker - the lonely lost figure hovering inside the room - and get them a drink Introduce them to whoever is around.  CHECK that they are OK with any kit needed - screen, pc etc). CHECK re special dietry needs and have they advised us (check + hotel). Say grace! 

Vote of thanks:  Take note of the speaker or visit and give a vote of thanks to speaker or organiser; write a few paragraphs about the talk/visit for publication in cavalcade/web/social media

Not attending a meeting?: Please email apologies to Sam who will send a list of attendees to the Hotel - bear in mind the hotel are within their rights to charge for any meals listed but not taken.

Unable to do Reception/Host + Grace/Thanks?? Please swap with someone else and advise the secretary of the change(s) 

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