Quiz Night - with a difference

Quiz Night at Rainhill Recreation Club

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This was a Quiz Night with a difference and great fun...it consisted of 3 elements:

1. Bingo with questions posed for a number drawnes were. A prize was awarded for a correct answer in the 4 corners of the card and then for a line of 6 correct answers. The questions covered Odd ones out and True / False options and were very amusing in content.

2. A separate quiz of 51 questions grouped by: Advertising Slogans, Inventions / Discoveries, Cups & Sporting Trophies, The Magnificent 7, English Horse Racing Courses, Well known Dectectives and their Sidekicks. A prize awarded for the highest number of correct answers.

3. Identify the Member from childhood pictures kindly provided by some of our colleagues. The older members provided black and white pictures whilst for younger members they were colour!!

This was a really funny evening and a big thanks goes to Mal for the effort he put into building the quiz and his research (!!) for the questions, well done. Thanks also to his able assistant, Wozza for his supporting role!!

Pictures included...

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