Medical Dogs

Medical Dogs in action

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The dog in the picture is "ROLO".

The owner, Mary, suffers from a debilitating illness, where she can collapse for no reason and can not be revived.

She just has to be left alone to come round her self, the illness has no diagnosis and doctors can not find out what causes the symptom.

The dog senses when she it going to collapse and gives her a 40 minute warning,  allowing Mary to find somewhere safe to lie down.

The dog stays with Mary and lies down across her legs guarding her. She jumps off about 1 min before she comes around, she senses when this will happen.

This has give her a new lease of life as she can do the simple things like cooking, making hot drinks etc.

Before she got the Rolo she once collapsed and scalded her self making a cup of tea, she never left the house.

Other dogs are trained to sense cancer before diagnosis, can confirm Diabetes and tell the owner if they are in danger of too much insulin before they get any symptoms.

Rolo is now in training to sense Prostate cancer.

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