Rainhill Churches - Crocus Watch Update

Crocus planting at St Bartholomews Church and St. Anns Church, Rainhill

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Highly trained CROCUS watchers have been out again, in freezing conditions, to keep tabs on the progress of our crocus corns at St.Bartholomew's and St.Ann's Churches in the village...success.

The crocus is the symbol of the "End Polio Campaign", organised by Rotary  International around the world.

With the help of Bill Gates and his Microsoft finances, the Rotary movement has all but eradicated the number of reported cases.

Over the next month, if nature does her bit, the crocus displays will be worth visiting in the church grounds, and please look out  for the crocus lapel badges that will be on sale at Rainhill Rotary events and at various outlets in the village.

The £1 donation will be put back into the Foundation pot for next years campaigns.

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