Voluntary Service in Guyana

A talk by Georgia Howton

Georgia Howton, who is a pupil at Dr Challoners’ Girls School, joined us for a lunchtime meeting to talk about her forthcoming assignment with the Project Trust. She explained that this charity sends students on 12 month teaching assignments to various parts of the world, principally as a “Gap Year” project. Following an intensive selection course on one of the Hebridean islands, Georgia has been selected to carry out her teaching role in a village in Guyana, which is located on the northern coastal region of South America.     

Georgia explained that Guyana is one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere and has no trained teachers working in rural areas. The country also suffers from low wages, with the result that most qualified locals seek employment overseas. Georgia will be teaching Science and English, intending to inspire her pupils in her chosen village. She also wants to encourage them to make a contribution to their local community by engaging in extra curricular activities.

Georgia also told us that she has had to raise over £6000 to cover her travel and other expenses, achieving this through various initiatives. She is also about to sit her A level exams in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, hoping to gain entry to Cambridge University in 2019 to study medicine. We all wished her good luck and expressed the hope that she should come back again next year to tell us of her experiences.