Speaker Mike Queen

Fri 10th August 2018 at 12.55 - 14.00

Topic:- I Suggest

Scott Leslie presents Alan Bradshaw and President Sandy Farquharson

Rotary club of Stirling meeting of 10th August

President Sandy Farquharson welcomed two visitors to the club, John Watkins guest of Tom Thomson, and Scott Leslie from the Rotary club of Broughty Ferry. Scott's main purpose was to present us with the cup won by our team at the club's AM/AM, along with a cheque for £250 to be spent on the Rotary charity of our choice. The sequence of club meetings has been changed, with Philip Allison speaker's host on the 17th August, and the business meeting now on the 24th August.

Rotarian Mike Queen chose as his subject " I suggest". Scotland has been the originator of many sports, the Highland games and curling, both involving the throwing of heavy objects, and of course golf. All have a complex set of rules and terminology whose origins are not clear but are now well established along with the equipment needed to play. Golf was the source of his talk, inspired by an old suggestion book he came across. The state of the course provided members with many complaints, holes and bunkers frequently flooded, uncut rough, sheep droppings on the greens, rabbits, and ball pirates lurking on the course who would take your ball before you got to it and then offer to sell it back to you. The club house was often felt to be unsatisfactory, no hot water, no privacy for the men in the bar especially from women members, possible provision of drying facilities both for hair and wet clothes.
Mike wondered whether our club should have a suggestion book, suggestions of course, not just complaints.

Next meeting 17th August Speaker’s host Philip Allison, Visitor's host Colin Bayes.

Ian Richardson