Speaker Derek Anderson

Fri 31st August 2018 at 12.55 - 14.00

Topic: My Job Talk (Mk II)

Alan Bradshaw, President Sandy Farquharson, Bruce Deadman, Past President Derek Anderson

Rotary club of Stirling meeting of 31st August 2018

President Sandy Farquharson welcomed one visitor, Bruce Deadman from the Rotary club of Green Bay, Wisconsin, America.

Our speaker, past president Derek Anderson gave his first my job talk in
1997 since when his work as a chartered surveyor has changed so greatly that he felt an update was in order. His first job was with Graham and Sibbald, training was largely on the job plus short formal courses and a yearly exam lasting three gruelling days. He was responsible to experienced partners who took all business decisions and the responsibilities arising themselves. Today his work as a chartered surveyor follows a strict pattern of decision making, and with the advent of ever developing IT rapid responses are expected. Increased regulations on health and safety and changes on employment law bear heavily on management. Derek changed tack for a period working for Stirling Stone which he enjoyed as it gave him experience of a different range of work. He often had to visit quarries looking for particular types of stone for older buildings. Since 2004 he has been back in domestic surveying working with D.M.Hall. Business activity has varied greatly but having survived the financial turmoil of 2008, property transactions have recovered although not to pre-crash level. Ever changing IT has brought benefits and burdens. Business is good just now, but the future is difficult to assess with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Next week will be a fellowship meeting, visitor's host Frank Kelly.

Ian Richardson