Speaker Alan Bradshaw

Fri 28th September 2018 at 12.55 - 14.00

Topic:- Business Psychology

Rotary club of Stirling meeting of 28th September 2018.

SVP Ranald Ross-Watt welcomed members to our Friday meeting. PP Stewart Wilson asked each of us to take two Shoe boxes to be filled up and returned for transmission to Eastern Europe as part of an international project in which we will be joined once again by pupils from Riverside primary.

Our speaker was one of our own members Alan Bradshaw, job description business psychology. There has been much discussion recently of mood disorders, anxiety and depression, but more recently turning to the idea of wellbeing, looking more at what makes you feel good about life. This does not always mean great happiness, rather what makes us feel good in the course of our daily lives, helping people to become aware of this, and  take more control of their reactions to the problems that affect us all. Alan involved us all asking each group to think of things that made us feel good. The most frequently mentioned included family, friendship, music, coming home to your own bed after being away. There is no doubt that time spent on satisfying activity passes easily and takes our mind away from worries. Our mood is important not only to ourselves but also to those around us, what is called emotional contagion. One of the most beneficial, especially in older people is membership of clubs or other group activities.

Next week 5th October will be a fellowship meeting, Visitor's host Faye McPherson.

Ian Richardson