How to Login

For members only

Click Members then Login

You will see a page like this

Ignore the email and password boxes and click on template login 

You will see a page like this

If you know your username and password - fill them in and click Login

If you don't know one or both of these or you want to change them - proceed as follows

Click anywhere on this blue area.

You will then see the following. 

Enter the e-mail address currently on the Club's database then click Send 

The email address must be the one currently on the site's database.  Try your regular one if in doubt

You will receive an email from Template Admin, subject "forgotten login details" with a link to a screen with this

where you enter a username and a password of your choice .  

Click Reset and you will be given a login screen.

When logging in remember to use Template Login with your username NOT an email address

Once logged in you (and only you) can alter your username under Members Area/Update your details. Changing your password requires you to follow the procedure above from the top.

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