Meal Pack

Sat 13th April 2019 at 10.00 - 17.00

Meal pack at Cartmel Secondary School - Grange RC

Members of Penrith Rotary Club joined together with over 150 Rotarians from around the North West to take part in a meal pack for ‘Rise against Hunger’.  60 000 meal packed were produced, enough to provide a nutritious midday meal at school for over 360 000 children in Africa.

By providing a meal at midday the Charity enables the children to remain in school and avoid being forced into early marriages and work. Rises Against Hunger has been battling poverty since 1998 and as well as providing midday meals for children provides help for other disasters such as droughts and floods. The Charity sees tackling food poverty as central to sustainable development in Sub Saharan  Africa.

Photo shows Nick Capron, President, David Cole, Chair of the International Committee and Janet Cole of Penrith Rotary Club working with Rotarians Diane Glister and Angela Butcher from Blackpool Palatine Rotary Club  at their packing station at Cartmel Priory School.'

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