What Club members do.

News from Club members and our various social activities

An Extraordinary International 

meeting of club members was 

recently held in India.

Rotarian Angela Joseph is a tour manager seen here with a party of forty (fairly safe)holiday makers in India

Angela is undertaking her Advanced Course in tuk-tuk driving.

Whilst in Delhi, Angela met up with Rotarian Martyn Herring (our forensic accountant) who was en route to Shimla in the Punjab.

Clive and Diane Warcup

Clive has been the Assistant Governor for our district for years and has always been available for advice and support during his time in office. He has now handed over his office and is now an 'ordinary' member'. We invited Clive and Diane to a club meal and made both of them Honorary members. (As Clive paid for both of their meals, this was about as cheap as you can get.)

Thank you Clive and Diane for your support and help over the years

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