Technology Challenge 2019

Teams are required to construct an electrically powered crane to recover a radioactive vessel from a minimum safe distance and return it to the decontamination area whilst negotiating a low bridge

Three schools took part in our third technology challenge, Longdendale, Glossopdale and St.Philip Howard.

This year explored the basics of electric motors and gearing to enable a small battery powered motor to lift a 50gram nuclear vessel.

Gloosopdale entered six teams in a bid to retain their title, Longdendale entered two teams and St Philip Howard entered one team.

Glossopdale managed to retain their title for the third year and Longdendale were again in second place.

The winners will receive the latest Raspberry PI W computers and the runners will receive an Argos gift voucher.

For the first time this year we have received sponsorship from Jeff Hall Consultants and Neil Hawksworth Plumbing. This has enabled us to provide a trophy for the winners and transportation for the schools.

A huge thank you to:

Miss Francis at Longdendale School for hosting the event which filled their technology block, and their generous hospitality and Mrs Harrison for her technical support and limitless refreshments 

Mrs Ryan for entering a magnificent six teams and support from John their techician

Craig Greenwood for his second participation in the event and for taking on the "professionals" from Glossopdale.

Lastly but most importantly all 39 students for their hard work and infectious enthusiasm, their amazing "out of the box" thinking and design and the team thst provide the most hilarious crane which self dismantled!

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