Mercy Ships


Today we had the pleasure of hearing about Mersey Ships which the Rotary Organisation support worldwide. They operate mainly on the West Africa coast  They ships announce their arrival about six months before they dock and by radio, word of mouth the population  hear of the arrival. Many thousands arrive at the port on the ships arrival to be treated for many difference conditions, the team have to triage the waiting crown to see who can be helped and those that do not warrant the service, the team are so experience that they can a asses a person in 60 seconds truly amazing. 

Operations carried out on board go from dentistry through to re building face after having large growths removed, the crew both of doctors nursed , lab assistants, captain , deck crew ,catering ,and school teachers just to name a few come from all over the world. They employ local staff for the six months in port which requires them to have a school on board. 

Not only they carry out this wonderful amount of varied operation on board they also work with host nation to train staff and start clinics, altogether  they create  an environment of hope and a future for many people who otherwise would have no future. 

An excellent charity and well deserves all the support.

Richard Langley 15 May 2019