An impromptu talk by Chalmers Cursley

Try this for size !

  The scheduled speaker on the subject of “HATS” at the dinner on June 26th was in hospital after an accident, so with only 48 hours’ notice, Chalmers Cursley leapt to the rescue using the internet and other means of reference to put together his own presentation from scratch on this subject.  This involved a great deal of time and effort on his part, which was much appreciated by the 45 guests and resulted in praise all round.


Chalmers gave a very light-hearted and informative talk about the numerous types of headgear worn by men, women and children over the centuries which was amply illustrated pictorially, causing much amusement and comment in many cases.


The reasons for wearing hats, helmets, caps, bonnets, etc., were very interesting, with the history of headgear across the world and the reasons for the changes and eventual decline in the wearing of headgear being described.  The baseball and flat caps became popular with men since the 1960s, mainly due to changes in etiquette and the difficulty of wearing larger items in the modern cars, whilst ladies still like to attract attention at Ascot, weddings, garden parties and other social events.  Long may this tradition remain intact and many thanks to Chalmers on his very entertaining (despite being hastily cobbled together – his words !) presentation.


Tony Glyn-Jones