Club Speakers 19/20

Club Speakers 19/20

Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites 
Club Speakers 2019/20
Mon 15th July - Wyne Periman - .The Real Hartbeat.
Mon 22nd July - Rotarian Jill Poole - Rotary Club committee organisation.
Mon 2nd Sept - Commander Paul Blyth Royal Navy.
Mon 9th Sept - District Governor Manoj-Joshi PHF
Mon 30th Sept - RYLA candidate - Bethany
Mon 7th Oct - Micheal Scoursi - The sweet taste of success.
Mon 14th Oct - Mike Adams - PhysioNet
Mon 18 Nov - Marie Curie Charity - Margaret Evans.

Rotary Cub of Birstall Luddites
Club Speaker Wyne Periman - The Real Heartbeat
Wyne visited Gomersal Park Hotel on mon 15th July and talked about his experiences being
 a PC for 15 years.    
Wyne was born in East London and talked of his life his life as a PC in the Met. He talked of knowing the Kray family
Wyne transfered to being a PC in Ossett and the big differances between London and West Yorks.He talked of knowing Paul Sykes a big villan in Ossett and how he befriended Wyne.
Wyne joined the flying sqad as a driver and talked of his patrols on the A1 and chaseing cars.
After15years in the police he became area manager for BOSE.
Wyne talked of how friendly his new negbours were when he settled in Netherton and the big differance to his life in Dagenham.
Wyne took questions from members.

Patrician Waite Wright introduced Wyne knowing Wyne from being JPs.
Peter Wait Wright thanked Wyne on behalf of the club for his talk.
Wyne picued on left with President Elect Margaret.
Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites    
Club Speaker - Rotarian Jill Poole. - Club committee organisation.
 Rotarian Jill from the Rotary Club of Mirfield came to the club to talk about  the     
changes that she has  introduced at Mirfied RC in respect of Club committees..
She taked of the committee reorganisation, how it works the advantafes and differances to the old committee chairs and members system.
Secretary Paul thanked Jill and said how helpful her talk was to the club
in their path to replicating the new systam.

Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites
Club Speaker Paul Blyth Royal Navy.
The UK Nuclear Deterrent
Commander Paul Blyth came to the club and spoke of his life in the Royal Navy.
His talk "The UK Nuclear Deterrent - Dispelling some Myths". was a powerful look into the world of Nuclear submarines and the life of the crews who spent months underwater keeping their position secret so as to provide the UK with a Nuclear Deterrent.  
 Paul retired after serving thirty years in the Royal Navy, to a shore based role in
 Whitehall advising the Cabinet Office on nuclear deterrent policy, having previously gained considerable experience on submarines of many types, culminating in him being a Commander of a Trident nuclear missile submarine.    
He became Captain of a fast attack nuclear submarine armed with Tomahawk Cruise missiles and gave an outline of some of the many tasks undertaken, including anti-piracy, counter trafficking (slave trade), transporting of special forces and counter narcotics activities. A convincing case was made by Paul for the logic behind the policy of maintaining a nuclear deterrent.  It was fascinating to learn of the degree of autonomy given to submarine commanders and of the many facets of "Mission Command" when the most crucial aspect was essentially to avoid detection and the great lengths which were taken to achieve this. The patrols last a considerable length of time and one of the most interesting parts of Paul's presentation was his account of everyday life on board, during the long period submerged, which in his case had included two Christmases spent underwater and the efforts made by the crew to provide appropriate seasonal entertainment.
Paul took Q&A from Rotarians and friends.
Past DG Rotarian Nigel Arthurs gave thanks on behalf or the club for a very impressive talk.
Below - Video of Nuclear Submarine life. 
UTube video showing life iabord HMS Vengeance Nuclear Submarine. 

Paul showing an example of submarine shadowing.
Pauls illustrations of staying undetected on their tours of duty. 

Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites
Rotary District 1040
Club Visit of District Governor Manoj

 Birstall Luddites hosted a joint meeting at Gomersal Park Hotel Monday 9th Sept

 with Inner 9 Rotarians from Dewsbury, Cleckheaton Morley Ossett and Mirfield
Rotary Clubs.
Manoj theme of "fun, food and fellowship"as Rotary District 1040 Governor 2019-2020 for the Yorkshire, Humberside and north Lincolnshire region, comprising of 102 clubs and 3000 Rotarian's.     
DG Manoj Joshi and his Rotarian wife Bhavna. enjoyed a meal with gathered Rotarians.
Manoj started his talk explaining he was a Ugandan Indian, he fled in the Idi Amin crisis in 1972
where the South Asian minority were expelled.
He said England was the best country in the world 
 England gave sanctuary with no restrictions to the Ugandans    
He joined Bradford RC in 1968.

Manoj addressed those present with an inspirational talk about raising the numbers of Rotarians and raising awareness of Rotary with public image and awarenessof
Rotary in all we do. 
He plans to have a Hospice day showing how Rotary gives support and fund raising to local Hospices 
He then kindly gave Rotary shawls, in vivid blue sporting the Rotary Wheel and his name and message, to the assembled Club Presidents, he suggested they could be a talking point, raising the profile of Rotary.

Past District Governor Nigel Arthurs gave thanks to Manoj for his talk on behalf of the assembled Rotarians. 
 Pictuerd from left Past DG Nigel, Past DG and Birstall Luddite President Nigel, DG Manoj wife Bhavna, DG Manoj, and Past DG Robert.
Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites 
Club Speaker RYLA Candidate Bethany Marsden.
On Mon 30th Sept Bethany and her mum visited the club for Bethany to give 
an update to the club of her week at RYLA. 
Bethany started telling Rotarians about the "ice breaker" exercises.     
She explained that after each day her diary and her mentors report from Rosemary were given. 
She spoke of the days starting with Rule Britania and 2hrs of exercise each day. 
She spoke of the night exercises including when 
they slept out.  
On day 3 Bethany talked of her leadership role. 
On Day 4 they traversed the river then Bethany leading stretch exercises.  
On day 5 they built an inflateable raft with it rainin all day. 
On day 6 they started at 04:30 doing double Jepardy exercise again the 
 day finished with a Disco at night. 
Bethany thanked the club for the week at RYLA.   
For the club Tony  spoke of the students week  at RYLA and how well Bethany  
had done from the reports of her week.
Bethany pictured between Tony and President Keith.
Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites 
Club Speaker Micheal Scorgie
The sweet taste of success
Micheal is a member of the Rotary Club of Pontifract

 Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites 
Club Speaker Mike Adams - PhysioNeT
 Mike is a member of the Rotary Club of Horbury & Ossett Phonix. Mike came and gave a talk about the Charity PhsioNet. 
Physionet, a registered charity based in North Yorkshire, sends pre-used special needs children’s equipment, wheelchairs, mobility items and some hospital hardware to developing countries around the world. Equipment is collected in bulk from NHS and local authority sites around Britain along with items from other healthcare addresses. Items are repaired if necessary and ready t

The Rotary Club of Saferon Walden help - He said that in 2017 the club’s PhysioNet van had covered almost 17,000 miles to collect the equipment locally and deliver it to Yorkshire. This involved almost 30 trips to Yorkshire and over 70 other trips.  He noted that the club had collected over 120tons of equipment for PhysioNet in the past three years.

Mike said In June PhysioNet was awarded The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service 2017. The award was created by The Queen in 2002 to mark her Golden Jubilee, to recognise excellence in voluntary activities carried out by groups in the community.o use by the recipients.
 Link Read all about PhysioNet
  Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites    
Club Speaker for Marie Curie Charity  

Margaret Evans a Marie Curie Ambassador visited the club Mon 18th Nov and gave a talk about the  
Marie Curie Charity. Margaret lives in Wetherby .  
Marie Curie give patients end of life care in their home. Margaret talked of their vision of a better life for people and their families living with a terminal illness.  
Their mission is to give to help to people and their families living with a terminal illness  to make the most of the time they have together by delivering expert care, emotional support, research and guidance.  
Their Nurses can give night care 10pm to 7am in at a cares home. Marie Curie have to pay the nurses £180 for the night care.They can also look after carers giving them a talk and guidance. The Nurses can also give 3 hour care so as Carer can have a break.  

Marie Curie have 9 Hospices. They are the largest charitable provider of hospice care outside 
of the NHS in the UK. They offer inpatient and outpatient care and a broad range of day therapies  
To stay for the day costs £70 and to stay overnight costs £400 and it costs Marie Curie £19K per year for a nurse. Our nearest is in Bradford.  
In the Hospice it is most important to control pain, the Hospices having their own pharmacies. 
They treat not only pure cancers but other health problems. 
A big success Marie Curie is rolling out is the provision for day care with 4 visits a day  
Marie Curie have a Help Line for emotional support and practical information about terminal illness, including for family and friends. It costs £150 million to run the Charity one third is supplied from the NHS.  
There are 12000 volunteers and have local Fund Raising committees. 
Margaret is part of the Wetherby group.  
Margaret took questions from the Rotarians and John Broadhead who introduces Margaret thanked her for her talk and also spoke of the WW1  Ray lorries.  
Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, in Physics, and with her later win, in Chemistry, she became the first person to claim Nobel honours twice. Her efforts with her husband Pierre led to the discovery of polonium and radium, and she championed the development of X-rays

 At the start of of WW1 X-Ray machines were only found in city hospitals, far from the battlefields where wounded troops were being treated. Curies solution was to invent the first "radiological car"- a vehicle containing an X-Ray machine and photographic darkroom equipment  - which could be driven right up to the battlefield where army surgeons could use the Rays to guide their surgeries. 
LINKS --- Marie Curie X Ray vehicles
LINKS --- Marie Curie Charity

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