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Rotary Club of the Deepings “Kids Out” 8th June 2016  It was an absolute pleasure to take a large group of children to Wicksteed Park for the Rotary Club Kids Out Day on 8th June, for the 11th consecutive year. They were from the Primary Schools of the Deepings having been specially selected by their school as having special needs. These needs range from a family bereavement, e.g., loss of a brother/ sister, lack of confidence in interaction with their peers and a whole range of other appropriate reasons.  An example how the children benefit was when one the children this year said to me that “this was the best day of her life”. It’s so little to give in order to make a child have one day of relief from whatever their problems are.  Rotary Clubs up and down the country achieve such good feedback from the schools, pupils and staff so we must be doing a really good thing.  As usual, we are extremely grateful to Market Deeping Tesco for their significant contribution towards the packed lunches. We especially acknowledge the dedicated efforts of Nicky Agger (Tesco) in choosing for us a healthy picnic over the many years we have been involved in this worthy project.   THANKS TO ALL THE HELPERS..

KIDS OUT...  2015

Who are   “Kids Out”?

For the last nine consecutive years The Rotary Club of the Deepings has been actively involved with supporting children who have special needs or are disadvantaged. Our first event each year has been Rotary's own regular Wednesday to a Theme Park in the middle of June.

It's not only children from the Deepings schools but it's an activity which happens simultaneously throughout the UK.

“Kids Out” announce their 25th Anniversary of bringing fun and happiness into the lives of disadvantaged children.

We are sometimes asked who these children are because they may not look disadvantaged from first appearances but their trauma is often on the inside.  The children are selected to go on a Kids Out Day by their teachers who are aware of their individual special needs.

The first Rotary“Kids Out” Day took place 25 years ago on 13th June 1990, organised by the Kingston Rotary Club and the Littlewoods organisation as a trial day out. The trial event was so successful that the rollout soon began across the UK.

Nowadays, “Kids Out” in partnership with Rotary takes up to 25,000 disadvantaged children on a Day Out to attractions across the UK.

The Deepings Rotary Club is very proud to have been involved for the last nine years in this great event at Wicksteed Park.

As usual, we are very grateful to the Deepings Tesco for their significant contribution, by providing packed lunches for the children.