District Governor

Frank West

District Treasurer

John Woodward PHF

District Secretary

Owen Durrett PHF

Assistant Governor

John Brewer PHF

Assistant Governor

Charles Baroudi

Assistant Governor

Latif Khanbhai

Assistant Governor

Alan Moss

Assistant Governor

John Bailey PHF

Assistant Governor

Paul Hickson

Assistant Governor

Annemarie Allen PHF

Assistant Governor

Iain Leithead

Assistant Governor

Alan Wellman

Assistant Governor

Graham Harker PHF

Assistant Governor

Michael Hart

Public Image Team Leader

Nick Drake PHF

Rotary Foundation Team Leader

David Cross PHF

Membership Team Leader

Neil Rorie

International Service Team Leader

Peter King MPHF

Youth Service Team Leader

William Harmsworth PHF

Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG)

Peter O'Keefe PHF

District Governor Elect (DGE)

James Onions PHF

District Governor Nominee (DGN)

David Easton

Safeguarding Officer

Kevin Mack PHF


Alan Knight MPHF

Leadership Development & Training

Simon Crowther PHF

Community Team Leader

Douglas Price PHF

Vocational Team Leader

David Sawyer

Primary Webmaster

Noel Simmons PHF

'What We Do' Main Pages:


The 2019 district conference - now known as District 1145 Showcase - will be held in Torquay and details of the programme will be available here.


Foundation Committee introductory page.


Anything relating to the club members within this District can be seen here.


International activity involves many projects in many countries. Much of it revolves around developing peace.


Information, reports and newsletters about Community activities


Reports and Newsletters about our Vocational activities.


We offer any support that we can to the Inner Wheel Clubs.


Learn more about Rotaract in our District!


The District Notice Board is used to post general information and Newsletters.


This committee provides Clubs with support on Health, Safety and the Protection of Vulnerable people.


Funds are available to clubs to enhance membership development activities.


Please read the 1145 Strategy Statement which we hope will help you to create your own Club Strategy.