Public Image Communications Team

The role of District 1100 Public Image Team is to develop and improve the way your District communicates internally with our fellow Rotarians and externally with the general public who wish to learn more about Rotary within their community and internationally.

The Team have identified a number of key priorities to consider throughout District which will include:

  •  Supporting and assisting Clubs with all matters concerning Marketing PR and Communications. 
  •  Promoting a strong and informative web-presence of your District online 
  •  Developing and raising the profile of Rotary District 1100 
  •  Embracing new technology and develop ways our District uses information technology (IT) 
  •  Developing the Press and Media profile of Rotary throughout the District 
  •  Improving the way in which your District communicates 
  •  Working with other Rotary Districts 
  •  Supporting other District Committees to promote the District 1100 message

The Team aims to develop our communication system in such a way that Rotary District 1100 will be a communication trailblazer.

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Your contacts are: 

Bernd Langheim - District 1100 South (Areas 1-3) -

Jan Long - District 1100 North (Areas 4-7) -