District Youth Services 2019 - 2020

Update on the year ahead

It is amazing that seven weeks have gone by of the Rotary year already. So many great club projects are going on, to help increase the opportunities for the young people in our communities. Thank you!


Call for commitment

The RYLA 2020 course is planned to take place from Tuesday 21st July to Saturday 25th July 2020 at the Dean Field Centre, Park End, Royal Forest of Dean GL15 4JA.

The cost will be £575 per place if 32 places are filled, or about £560 if 40 places are filled. There will be no subsidy from District funds this year. In 2019 the cost to District was just under £3,000 or £80 per place. Catering costs have been increased because of the change of caterer.

The format remains the same but is one day shorter to reflect changing requirements.

There is a need to commit to at least 32 places by 27th November 2019 in order to secure the venue, training team, and the outside caterer. Clubs are asked to commit to places for the 2020 course by 27th November. No payment is required on commitment, but payment is due by 31st January 2020.

District RYLA Lead

We have an urgent vacancy for the District RYLA lead for this course. If you are interested then contact Andy Jarrett for more details. The implication of not reaching a commitment of 32 by 27th November 2019 is that the 2020 course will be cancelled, and District 1100 will need to consider alternative options for RYLA in the future. These could include a different age group (18-25), different provider, time of year or course provider.

Please contact me for more information at andy.jarrett1@gmail.com or 07969 725411

Posters and certificates for Youth Competitions 

RIBI have now made the posters available from https://www.rotarygbi.org/projects/young-people/competitions/ 

Certificates are coming but still work in progress. Sorry!

Dates for district finals

8 Feb      Speaks / Debate, Photographer and Writer at Maisemore

9 Feb      Musician

29 Feb    Chef 

Young Scientist

Following recent consultations RIBI have decided to postpone the launch of the above until 2020 as it was felt that the format proposed did not wholly meet the specification for the competition format.

Join the youth team

These activities and competitions only happen because Rotarians kindly step forward to make them happen. Massive thank you to everyone who does. 

Currently we have vacancies to lead on Young Chef and Musician, RYLA and Technology. Please let me know if you or a member of your club could spare some time to get involved.  

Let's celebrate and share what's working! 

It is always super to have the opportunity to recognise the many and varied competitions, activities and projects that clubs arrange. 

Do let me know if I can help in any way to share ideas and enthusiasm as well as most importantly thank the members and your community partners who make these happen.  

Mock interviews / mentoring / careers talks

Most schools when they reopen next month will be planning the above. 

Are your members involved and sharing their experiences? If not could be a great way to pass these on, help young people decide on a career and forge links with schools???  

Andy Jarrett, Youth Chair, RotaryD1100Youth@gmail.com


Read the August 2019 newsletter about RYLA. For more details on RYLA in 2020 click here.

Read about and listen to inspirational interviews with Rotary Young Citizen Award winners on BBC News Channel in May 2019

Read a summary of the Youth Activity Plan which was presented to the District 1100 Assembly in May 2019

Read the latest update and plans for our Youth programmes and activities following the District Executive in December 2019

Read here the feedback on our Youth Services from the District Council in October 2018

Read also the results of the RIBI Root and Branch review of Youth Services.

Youth Services Overview

The menu to the right and the details below will give you a good idea of what District 1100 does in terms of youth opportunities. There are three types of opportunities as follows:

  • Programmes: are intended to help young people develop new friendships and achieve their full potential.  The programmes are designed to stimulate interest and understanding in the young persons community and the wider world.
  • Broadly speaking, these are junior Rotary Clubs designed for youngsters at Junior School (Rotakids), Senior School (Interact) and beyond school until 30 years of age (Rotaract). 
  • Other Opportunities: include Rotary Youth Leadership Awards: a 6 day / 5 night residential leadership training course in the Forest of Dean, for 16 to 18 year olds; participation in the Rotary World Affairs and funding for youth activities from the Children's Holiday Trust. 
  • Many Rotary Clubs also help schools with mock interviews and enterprise activities.
  • Competitions: are usually RIBI National Competitions, but clubs are free to use their own rules to do their own thing locally. Typical competitions include public speaking, musicians, writing, cooking, art, football, citizenship, photography and technology.

Click here for the latest summary (September 2019) of all the Youth programmes and competitions for 2019-2020, with dates and contact details.

Click here for advice on how to contact schools.

Follow us at www.Facebook.com/RotaryD1100Youth for updates.

Email Andy Jarrett, Youth Chair: RotaryD1100Youth@gmail.com  for more information or how to get involved.



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