RYLA Forms and guidance.

The following information and forms will be useful for Clubs looking to recruit and select candidates and advise District of relevant information.

Primarily for Rotarians information and use

(A)    RYLA 2017 - Briefing Notes .pdf

(B)    RYLA 2017 - Rotary Club Check list.pdf

(C)   RYLA 2017 - Suggest text to successful candidate & reserve.doc

(D)  RYLA D1100 leaflet for potential participants

Primarily of information to candidates and their parents 

(E)    RYLA 2017 - Course in brief.pdf

(F)    RYLA 2017 - Programme & Overview Guidance Notes.pdf

(G)    RYLA 2017 - Kit List.pdf

(H)    RYLA 2017 - Sample Menu.pdf

(I)     RYLA 2017 - Transport Arrangements.pdf

(J)    RYLA 2017 - Open Evening Poster.pdf

For return to District
(1)              RYLA Payment Form for Clubs

(2)              RYLA 2017 - Candidate's Application form.pdf              (Submit by 5th June 2017) 

(3 & 4)        RYLA 2017 - Medical, Declarations & Action Plan.pdf (Submitted with (2) above )

(5)              RYLA 2017 - Reserve Candidate.pdf                            (Submitted with (2) above )

(6)              RYLA 2017  - Buffet Booking Form.pdf                          (Submit by 21 July 2017)

Please note the adress on form 6 has changed to

Sherry Phillips, Maples, Johnsons Way, Yorkley, Lydney, GL15 4RZ.

If you printed the form out before 5 April 2017 then you need to send to this new address.

The form has now been changed to show the correct address

A video has been created for Clubs use to help recruit candidates:

Click here to watch

For more information about RYLA in District 1100 contact  Tony Brook on 07885 841553 

email tony@host-magik.com