Here are brief details of Rotary Fellowships. If you belong to one that is not listed please let us know

International Caravanning Fellowship of Rotarians. (ICFR)

Creating fellowship opportunities for Rotary Caravanners


The Rally Programme that we prepare each year provides an ideal environment for meeting and mixing with other members.   

These rallies are organised by our members, who have good local knowledge of the area and can create an balanced program for the rally. You can join in or do your own thing  if you cannot make the whole 5 day, then you are most welcome to just come along for the weekend. 

Rallies are mainly across the whole of the UK, but each year we have rallies in Europe and Motorhome tours on other continents. 

Rotarians with Caravans or Motor homes are invited to join the fellowship. 

An overview of our programme can be found on our website  along with links to find more background on the original formation of the fellowship, and a link to a Join Us page.