Young Writers

Young writers show their mettle - and our Intermediate entry was the overall winner of the national competition!

Competition Finals - 31st March 2015

Seven Clubs entered their finalists into this year’s event which was judged by North East author Dan Smith whose latest book is ‘BIG GAME’,  the film of which is a young person’s survival adventure movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and on release in cinemas NOW! (advert over...).

The subject for this year was ‘Light up the Community’ and the winners are as follows:

Taylor Joynt of St. Mary’s RCVA School and associated with RC Stanley who wrote ‘Community Fair’.

Megan Newton of Tanfield School and associated with RC Stanley who wrote ‘Cold Desperate, Hunger, Pain'.

We are very pleased to announce that Megan's entry was the overall winner of the national competition!

Abby Walker of Staindrop School and associated with RC Barnard Castle who wrote ‘Light up the Community’ 

(Note that the winning texts can be read by clicking on their titles.)

Well done to all and a huge thank you to the Rotary Clubs who took part; let’s hope next year we can extend our reach with this worthwhile competition.  Remember that entries can come from any young person’s organisation a Rotary Club may be involved with - Scouts, Guides, Brownies, RotaKids, Interact  etc. as well as local schools. 

The Senior winner was unfortunately the only entry in that age group and goes through by default, however her piece about her experience with a small bird and how it leads her to finding the local RSPB group is very well written, descriptive and warming.  And see the judge's comments below on the Junior and Intermediate Winners. 

I think my choice for the Junior category is Taylor Joynt, she uses some good vocabulary and description and I like the way she has used a story to write about her chosen community project.
My choice for the Intermediate category is Megan-Rose Newton from Tanfield School. She has written a story to highlight her chosen community project, used some great language and technique to describe the characters and how they feel. She’s also given us a pleasant and unexpected twist at the end of the story!

(Thanks to Marion Long - Rotary Club of Alnwick - for this report.)