Bristol Breakfast International Project report

On the 9th February 2017, Sue Pietersen Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club attended the official Opening Ceremony of the Sports Facilities at the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town, that our Club initiated. We partnered with Bellville Rotary Club in Cape Town who oversaw the project for us and were also very instrumental in getting other Rotary Clubs involved fundraising for the project.


An amount of £11,000 was raised between 10 Rotary Clubs. These are the Clubs involved in the project -


Rotary Club of Bristol Breakfast (UK)

Rotary Club of Bellville (SA)

Rotary Club of Onkaparinga (Australia)

Rotary Club of Oostenberg (SA)

Rotary Club of  Constantia (SA)

Rotary Club of Brandenburg/Havel (Germany)

Rotary Club of Durbanville (SA)

Rotary Club of Clifton (UK

Rotary Club of Thornbury (UK)

Rotary Club of Bradley Stoke (UK)


Currently there are 110 deaf children that will benefit from using the new sports facility at the Carel du Toit Centre. It will help them with their communication skills, coordination, balance and confidence with their team work. These are preschool and up to grade 3 students at the moment, as the school is expanding.

The Official Opening Ceremony was attended by the Head Teacher and other members of staff from the Centre, the Cape Town Rotary District Governor, Members of the Bellville Rotary Club and the representative from the construction company of the sports facilities.

 During the opening ceremony the Rotary Cape Town District Governor presented the Fund Raiser, at the Carel du Toit Centre, Honorary Membership of the Bellville Rotary club. He also awarded two of the Bellville Rotary Club Members with Sapphire Pins, for their efforts and commitment to overseeing the project.

A brass plaque with all the names of the Different Rotary Clubs has been  put in the entrance of the Carel du Toit Centre and also a small plaque at the tennis courts (shown in the picture).

There were articles published in the Cape Town Newspapers, about the Rotary event, in both the English speaking and Afrikaans Newspapers (I have a photo copy of these).

I was very pleased to get involved in this project as my son Hughan attended the speech only program at Carel du Toit Centre between 1990 and 1994. In 1992, when he was 3 ½, he was the 10th child to receive a cochlear implant in Cape Town, this was before children were being implanted in England. At the time we had to choose between a signing program or the cochlear implant as he was unable to hear most speech sounds using his powerful hearing aids. Today, at the age of 28 years old he is able to hold a conversation on a phone and had the confidence to leave home and live with his girlfriend in New Zealand. He would never have achieved this without the input from the Centre. 

 5 photos taken on the day. These include the Head Teacher giving her presentation, the new sports facilities, some children giving us a display of their ball skills, the banner showing the names of the clubs involved, and a picture of myself with the Bellville Rotary club members. The day was a great success.

Bellville Rotary club now intends to get involved with the future development of the Carel du Toit C entre. They have plans to extend the school hall and an Astroturf football field adjoining the new sports facilities.