Swimming goggles.

Young people work with Brighton and Hove Soiree Rotary Club on the Zanzibar Schools Project (ZSP).

Engaging young people with Rotary.

Zanzibar Schools Project (ZSP) is inspiring young people in the UK to get involved with Rotary.  17-year-old Rob Lindfield volunteered as an English teacher with ZSP during his Summer holidays.  He engaged with the local community and developed a keen appreciation of local needs, particularly in finding work. Since returning he’s built a strong connection with Brighton and Hove Soiree Rotary Club, the organization behind ZSP.  Rob’s partnered with Zanzibari teacher, Gasica, to set up a microfinance project.  Students from Varndean School in Brighton review applications from young people in Zanzibar.   One of the first to benefit was a poor but hard-working young man who wants to be a chicken farmer.  He’s determined to pay back the loan as quickly as possible and so help other people in his situation.

Amber Bayford, a teenager from Suffolk has raised money to buy swimming goggles to help children in Zanzibar learn to swim.  She’s now hoping to raise funds for swimming lessons that will help prevent the many unnecessary drownings by young people on the island.
Ann Dieckmann, one of the Rotarians behind ZSP says “We’re so delighted that ZSP is introducing young people in the UK to learn about their counterparts in Zanzibar and to lend a helping hand.  It’s great that along the way the teenagers and their parents are learning more about Rotary’s work in Tanzania.”