We have unified the login process for the Template, RIBI and DMS sites (RI insists on login to their site separately). Clicking the link below will take you to the RIBI site, where you can log in with your RI email address and password, then be redirected to the Template members page.

Click here to log in with your RI details

OR, use the template login details below. You will not be logged into the RIBI or DMS sites.


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Thanks for your feedback regarding the unified login and email processes - it has been extremely helpful in determining the most appropriate course of action.

I had a meeting with Amanda and James at RIBI yesterday, where we had a very productive time, discussing what we wanted to achieve over the next few months and, very importantly, significant changes to data security requirements from the EU. These are going to have an impact on both the template and the DMS and to a certain extent define what contact facilities are going to be available in the club.

Based on these requirements and your feedback, it was decided:

1) Email facilities in the template; all the club facilities will be retained (email all members, email all committee members, email individual members, email notification of new/updated page, apologies). 
In addition, the email 'friends' will be expanded, as there are 2 wishlist requests for more facilities. 
The new data protection stipulations may lead to further changes - e.g. the viewing of address details may require removal! Such matters will be addressed when more is known.

The contact info/email facilities for club members outside your own club will be removed; this is the equivalent club officers in other clubs, any club officer and the district search. All these are available in the DMS. Contacting district officers/committee members will be retained, though without the address information.

2) Login procedure; I'm very grateful for the many responses on this subject, especially as they give an overall picture that relatively few members currently have an RI login. Insisting on using the RI login from the end of October could be counter-productive, so from 31st October the template will only show one login link - which will go to the RIBI site where members with RI login details can log in. There will also be a button from that page back to the template login page for those members without the RI login details.  This minor inconvenience might encourage them to get RI credentials - the RIBI page will clarify how and why they should register.

(I will also modify the 2 links there currently (until October 31st) so they read 'club login' and 'club + RIBI + DMS login' as the phrase 'template login' is incomprehensible to some members)

It remains a medium term aim that users will log in with their RI details and club administrators are encouraged to help members get their RI login details.

Many thanks once more; as I've said many times before, the template has expanded based on the feedback and requirements of members and this has been a shining example.

21st August 2017 - IMPORTANT CHANGE!

Logging in to the Members Only sections of Rotary Websites: 

Why log in?

The Members Only section of Rotary websites contain much useful information and functions that are essential to the well-being of the Rotary organisation and the future of our clubs.

For clubs and Districts they enable secure and efficient methods of communication between members, using data held under secure conditions, compliant with Data Protection Legislation and the Rotary Privacy policy.

It is a requirement of ICO (the UK's independent body set up to uphold information rights) that people have access to any personal data held by an organisation on their behalf. By logging in Rotarians have access to their own details and can check this. 

The MO sections are also an invaluable repository for resources such as minutes of meetings, guidance on conducting Rotary business efficiently, keeping all our activities legally compliant and Rotary 'brand' materials which could be open to abuse if available on the Public pages.

Keeping things simple and secure

For some years now the login procedures for RI (My Rotary) and RIBI have been identical: personal email as registered with RI and password of choice.

Since the advent of the Data Management System (DMS) log in to this is also identical to My Rotary. 

Only the Template sites have a different log in, (User Name and password of choice), although for convenience and ease of remembering, some members have already chosen to use their RI (My Rotary) details - (using email address as User Name)

Login change

Having 2 login methods is confusing for members - including some club admins - and now we have the much requested and long awaited integration, the logical and preferred route would be to have the My Rotary details as the single default login method for all sites.

The template login for un-chartered 'provisional' Rotary clubs and Rotaract clubs using the template would remain. These 2 categories do not have an RI number, so login is not possible using the My Rotary route.

To encourage members to use the DMS, we're also considering removing from the template any duplicated email functions that the DMS provides - e.g. emailing members, emailing all by post etc - but retaining things that the DMS doesn't offer, e.g. meeting/event apologies, notification of page addition/update. 

Proposed time scale for implementation

The change will not be made without prior notice - I had initially thought that January might be the time - but there's no technical reason why it couldn't happen at the end of October. The big question concerns how members will react and cope with the change.

Some members will inevitably have difficulties in accessing their My Rotary details and will need your help.

We apologise for giving you more to do following hard on the heels of the public page changes, but we have a real membership crisis with clubs closing all too frequently and others desperately searching for ways to strengthen their membership.

We are all working really hard to address this problem and make Joining Rotary an attractive proposition in the 21st Century, so greatly appreciate the key role that website administrators play in this.

Thanks to your dedication and co-operation, we have made good progress in streamlining communication systems and providing a template with a contemporary and attractive public face for our websites across all platforms.

You are not on your own!

RIBI President Denis Spiller has made increasing Membership his priority for the year, so in addition to the support we share through the various Template Forums, you will have the support of your District Governors and the Public Image team for any workshops/training you see fit.

Please discuss this within your clubs and ask your club administrator to provide feedback on the Yahoo Group.