Completed meetings and events 2020-2021

Pam from Urban Saints on her project helping young girls in Thornton

Thu 20th May 2021 Soup #20

Another great Soup event with the RIPPLE EFFECT. Look at the Facebook link below for all the details

Thu 13th May 2021 Assembly

President Anne gave a round of her year 20/21 and highlighted out achievements despite the Covid19 lockdown. A full breakdown is on the Facebook page visible at the bottom of the home page.
Zander talked through a range of plants and fungi which could be foraged and tips on how to make sure that the ones we had chosen were safe to eat.

Thu 29th April 2021 Eating Out

Zander Lee talked to us about the do's and don'ts of foraging. His wealth of knowledge about the subject was amazing
 Her story was heard at the last Peace Fellows Conference and they were moved to help, here is the story  please take a few minutes to watch.  Thank you.

Thu 22nd April 2021 Hand in Hand with Rotary

Nabila, a Peace Scholar from the Gaza Strip is making a difference. The link Hand in Hand with Rotary gives an overview of what Nabila is trying to achieve with the help of the Rotary Global Hub.
Jennifer, New Focus Project Manager from the Impressions Gallery is very excited about the project and looking forward to working with 8 refugees women who have a passion for photography and potentially could make photography their career

Thu 15th April 2021 Putting Ourselves in the Picture

The Impressions Gallery is part of an initiative to increase awareness of refugee women’s unheard life stories using photography and story-telling practices.
Here is a very informative website to help anyone who is looking for outlets in Bradford

Thu 25th March 2021 Friends Feeding Families

Raj Parmar Director of Sunrise Radio, Bradford and his colleague Naz Sheikh Co-founder of Hope Yorkshire spoke about their new project. They have collaborated and developed a project called Friends Feeding Families, Bradford,
 Many clubs and other organisations will be going through the same thought processes but this situation has given us quite a unique opportunity to have frank discussions about the whats and the hows from a completely different perspective.

Wed 17th March 2021 Thinking Ahead

President Elect Ian Bottomley led a very valuable and thought provoking meeting this morning. The key question he posed was, as we gradually come out of lock down, how would we like it to be.
 It is  available to people who are facing disabling barriers and reside in the Bradford MDC.  You can find out on the extensive range of help and support they offer to their service users.

Thu 11th March 2021 Equality Together

Mark Nicholson Chief Executive of Equality Together gave us a very interesting and informative talk about what his organisation does. It is a local user-led organisation for disabled people, their carers and families.
Jen talked to us about the garden which brings so many health and well-being  benefits to local people and children such as growing your own fruit and vegetables and learning about preparing well balanced meals.

Thu 11th February 2021 Repaint

Jen White talked to us not just about recycled paint or scrap magic but also about an innovative growing project based in Wibsey, at the community garden.
She demonstrated through hard statistics our detrimental effect on the health of the planet, then went on to discuss how by maximising our use of water we can bring so many benefits to our lives and give something back.

Thu 4th February 2021 Fresh Thinking for Water

Rotarian Crina, Professor at the University of Bradford got us all thinking when she talked about the Circular Economy, Fresh Thinking for Water
This is part of Inn Churches long-term strategy to tackle food poverty across Bradford, and to reduce reliance on foodbanks and free food provision.

Thu 14th January 2021 Pop up Pantries

The pop up pantry operates on a membership scheme, individuals pay £6 a week, which includes £5 for food and £1 into Credit union.
Bronte has helped the charity in other ways plus lots of donations for the shop in Keighley Arndale Centre.   Have a look at their website.

Wed 13th January 2021 Happy to Help

President Anne is supporting Mama na Mtoto as one of her chosen charities and she was delighted to present Anita with a cheque from our fundraising this year
Dawn amazed us at the breadth and range of activities they are involved in and the way they linked with clubs and groups across the district where over 400 disabled people participate in some form of physical activity every week.

Thu 17th December 2020 BDSL

Dawn spoke to us at our meeting about Bradford Disability Sport & Leisure which is a registered charity that provides disabled people throughout the Bradford area with sporting opportunities of both a recreational and competitive nature.
 Zahra Niazi, Bradford Council's lead on Bradford for Everyone programme

Thu 10th December 2020 Bradford for Everyone

Bradford Council is pioneering new ways to end segregation by bringing together people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds in schools, workplaces and shared public spaces.

Thu 3rd December 2020 Brain Tumour Research

Matthew Price talked about this terrible condition which effects children and adults alike. There has been a lack of research and funding into the 130 types of brain tumours which kill 3,600 people every year, a number which is increasing

Thu 26th November 2020 Dementia in the BME Communities.

Mohamed Alak Rauf MBE talked about Dementia in the BME Communities. He is Founder & Director of Meri Yaadain CiC, a community interest company, based in Bradford

Thu 12th November 2020 Bradford Community E Club

Katie and Mo, told us about the work they are doing in Bradford and Leeds to attract young people to an on line Club which supports Rotary ideals.

Wed 11th November 2020 - Thu 12th November 2020 Helping out at the Storehouse

Bronte members Sue, Rahila and Tess helped to pack and deliver Self Care Parcels of chicken curry ingredients and recipe to Bradford Residents.

Thu 29th October 2020 Inn Churches

Rotarian Juli of Inn Churches gave an overview of the plight of people sleeping rough this winter and children who are not getting nourishing food.

Thu 22nd October 2020 Staying Put

Staying Put is a domestic violence/abuse charity working across West and South Yorkshire. They support women, men and children who are survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Thu 22nd October 2020 Staying Put

Staying Put is a domestic violence/abuse charity working across West and South Yorkshire. They support women, men and children who are survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Thu 15th October 2020 27th Charter - Hats off to Bronte

The theme, Hats off to Bronte, encouraged us to wear our creative headgear which set the tone of the evening

Thu 10th September 2020 Putting thought into fund raising

Rotarian Darren led 2 weekly meetings about Fund Raising . He got our minds into gear when he talked about the hows whys and whats of the think-plan-do approach.

Thu 30th July 2020 Better Start Bradford

Gill Thornton, Head of Programme for Better Start Bradford gave us an update.

Thu 23rd July 2020 Give a Duck Foundation

Brian Curran told us about the Give a Duck Foundation which supports children with cancer.

Thu 16th July 2020 Bradford Bid Update

Jonny Noble, Bradford Bid Manager joined us on Zoom to update us the second year of the Bradford Bid Partnership and all the activities they have been involved in.

Thu 9th July 2020 Bradford Live at Home Scheme

A short while ago we supported Julie Maude from the Bradford Live at Home Scheme by providing books for their Books, Buns and Brew initiative.

Thu 2nd July 2020 Handover July 2020

We offered our appreciation and heartfelt thanks to President Jan for all she had done for the club during 2019/2020 which had been a very tough year.
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