Completed meetings and events 2022-2023

Thu 15th June 2023 Curry and Fun Quiz Night

Come along to our Curry & Fun Quiz Night on Thursday 15th June, 7pm at the Storehouse, 116 Caledonia Street, Bradford BD4 7BQ. £15 per person, this is a fundraising event for Bradford Night Stop and The Gambian School Trust. Places are limited, please b

Thu 15th June 2023 New Rotarian

This morning we were delighted to welcome Vicky Clifton, Head of Learning & Outreach Bradford Museums and Galleries to the Rotary Family. We hope that Vicky enjoys being a Rotarian. We are really looking forward to her time with us and will
Phil talks about his interests in nature, our connection to it and our connection to each other through it.

Thu 1st June 2023 Phil Jackson - The Energy of Everything

Phil talked about his project, by using pictures and sound he demonstrates how the world and everything on it is connected.
TLG is a Christian charity that helps churches to bring hope and a future for struggling children.  From school exclusion, to poverty and holiday hunger, there are children across the UK facing some of the toughest starts in life.

Thu 11th May 2023 Transforming Lives for Good

Steph gave us a very interesting insight into Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) Steph told us about Early Intervention, Make Lunch and Box of Hope.
Zubeda uses a range of methods to engage with different communities.  The most important thing is to gain trust and help them understand the importance of the data they collect.

Wed 3rd May 2023 Zubeda, Clinical Studies Officer

Zubeda is involved in research and development in mental health and dementia at the Care Trust reaching out to diverse communities.

Thu 30th March 2023 Bradford Museums and Galleries

Vicky Clifton Head of Learning at Bradford Museums and Galleries. also Co. Chair of Cultural Voice Forum came to talk to us and she did not disappoint.
With multiple challenges to food equality, it will take Government support and strong partnership working to make a difference.  Bradford is lobbying Parliament and Tim impressed us with his clear thinking, experience, energy and vision.

Thu 2nd March 2023 Good Food Strategy & the Sustainable Food Partnership

Tim Howells, Senior Public Health Specialist, Bradford, talked about health inequalities. and the Good Food Strategy
Rotarian Anne is heading up the first annual Disability Games for Bradford and District.

Thu 16th February 2023 Results #27th Bradford Community Soup

3 equal winners, Anne Rotary Disability Games, Jen, Impressions Gallery Focus Group and Janet, Hive Community Centre Silsden. More details
Clare designed an innovative way of working with her clients who were homeless.  She talked about the multi-agency approach used and working closely with a myriad of services in Bradford has proved to be an an effective way to help their clients.

Thu 26th January 2023 The HOP Team

Clare, Service Co-ordinator from the Homeless Outreach Partnership, talked about the work of her team in Bradford. The Government pledged to end homelessness by 2027.

Sat 7th January 2023 Planter update

A belated happy New Year to you all. After a long break we got back to making our planters. Hopefully our production line will speed up a notch ready for some spring planting.
 Malang is a senior policeman and barrister in the Gambia.  He gave us an insight into the the Gambia, its population, religions, tribes and languages. It is heartening to know that The Gambia wants its police to excel in peace and conflict resolution.

Thu 15th December 2022 Peace Scholar Malang

Rtn Darren is involved in hosting and supporting Peace Scholar students who have been sponsored by Rotary and are attending the University of Bradford's Peace Studies department. One such student is Malang from the Gambia who is studying for his MA

Sun 13th November 2022 Ukraine

At the weekend Rotarian Jan and President Tess dropped some mother and baby donations off in Haworth. The Rotary Club of Haworth and Worth Valley, who had organised the massive collection of items, thanked Bronte for helping.

Fri 11th November 2022 Call my Quaff

A great night at the Bradford Club on our Call my Quaff night. Like call my bluff different descriptions a wine were read out and we had to guess the real one. There was much fun and laughter as we raised funds for Nightstop and the Gambian School Trust

Fri 11th November 2022 Call my Quaff

Join us on Friday 11th November, 7pm, at the Bradford Club, Piece Hall Yard for a fabulous wine tasting evening. Tasting 6 wines with a cheese and charcuterie board included for only £20 it is an event not to be missed. Contact
President Ian attended the Rotary Club of Peterborough in South Wales Australia and reported " It was amazing just how like Bronte the club is.  I immediately  felt at home.  Banners exchanged with President Willie.

Wed 26th October 2022 Home and Away

President Ian attended the Rotary Club of Peterborough in South Wales Australia and reported " It was amazing just how like Bronte the club is. I immediately felt at home. Banners exchanged with President Willie
3,500 pencils and 2 globes which will be added to all the school equipment going in a container to be loaded tomorrow, 27th October then shipped to the Gambia.

Wed 26th October 2022 Pencils

At Bronte we are collecting all sorts of different items for different charities. President Tess called in to see Hilary and Steve Lawther, The Gambian School Trust, to hand over one of the collections, 3,500 pencils and 2 globes.
  An insight into how a family business of 55 years met the challenges of the world markets, government decisions and the Covid Pandemic. The message  throughout clearly highlighted Saleem's strong positive attitude to life and good business acumen.

Thu 6th October 2022 Welcome back

We are delighted, that in his very busy life, Saleem Kader Managing Director of the Bombay Stores Group has chosen to return to Rotary after a gap of over 10 years.
We were raising money for Nightstop the Gambian School Trust  A great event, well done everyone who made it happen.

Thu 15th September 2022 Bronte's Bradford Treasure Hunt

President Tess had put together an amazing Treasure Hunt around Bradford City Centre which led us to places we had never seem before!! When we had finished Rotarian Juli and a band of helpers made a delicious meal for us all.
If you live outside the area and want to join the challenge and support your own local Food pantries and projects please get in touch for a Challenge Pack  #FoodforHealthnotWealth #sustainablefoodsystems #DignitynotCharity #financialinclusion

Thu 1st September 2022 FoodChallenge22

Could you take our food Challenge in September? Work out what you usually spend on your weekly food shop, then try to live on £22.00 and donate the difference to support food projects in Leeds and Bradford.
Amazingly there was a 3 way tie between Bev for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Scheme, Noreen for Neesie and Christina for the Children's Literature Festivals.  Well done everyone.

Thu 18th August 2022 Results are in from the #25 Community Soup

70 organisations supported with a small amount of seed funding, have made connections, grown their networks, gained support, donation of goods, volunteer hours, mentoring and more which continues after they have made their "pitch" at the Soup,
President Tess, Farzana from One in a Million Free School,  Noor-ul-haya from Belle Vue Girls’ Academy and Rosemary their RYLA mentor.  Well done you two, you are both brilliant, a great achievement and we hope to see you again soon.

Thu 18th August 2022 RYLA Girls Return

Great to see our RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) candidates return to tell us all about their amazing experience at Hebden Hey,
President Tess thanking everyone for their hard work.

Sun 14th August 2022 Afternoon Tea

First fundraiser of the year and we had a great get together at Shaw House Bradford where Juli and team served us all a delicious afternoon tea with fizz if we so wished. The event was to raise money for Nightstop and the Gambian School Trust.
Noreen is the Director and founder of Neesie, founded in 2016,  which aims to support single mothers and their children to grow independently and create better lives for themselves.  We are overjoyed that you have decided to join us Noreen.

Thu 11th August 2022 Induction of New Member

On Thursday we were delighted to welcome Noreen Khan to the family of Rotary. Many of us have known Noreen for a number of years and she has been to talk to the club on a couple of occasions.

Sun 7th August 2022 Top o' Town Clean up

We have just had our Top o' Town clean up and planning meeting with our environmental group with some VERY good ideas forming, more to come later. Picture shows President Tess getting her back into clearing the pavement next to Shaw House.
We have known Hilary and Steve for many years and President Tess is supporting them as she did when she was President 11 years ago.

Thu 21st July 2022 Gambia School Trust

We are hoping to raise enough money to build a new classroom and we are applying for a Foundation grant in order to furnish and equip the new classroom.

Thu 14th July 2022 New RYLA Candidates

This year we are lucky enough to have two RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) students, Farzana from One in a Million Free School and Noor-ul-haya from Belle Vue Girls' Academy who will be going for their week long course at Hebden Hey, Hebden Bridge.
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