Completed meetings and events 2020-2021

Christine Dickson

Tue 4th May 2021 Independent Living Fund Scotland with Christine Dickson

Christine will be talking to us on Tuesday 4th May. Visitors are especially welcome - see details below read more...
Hal Moeller

Tue 6th April 2021 Insight into an American Rotary club from Hal Moeller + Ray will be activating us!

Hal and Ray will be talking to us on Tuesday 6th April. read more...
The farmers son

Sun 21st March 2021 'Every photograph should tell a story' with Robert Hendry

Robert spoke to us on Sunday 21st March. He is a photographer, award winner and has his own web site. read more...

Tue 2nd March 2021 Playlist for Life with Pam Ribbeck

Pam was talking to us on Tuesday 2nd March.
An insight into the Power of Music and how it can enhance difficult conditions such as dementia. read more...
Charlotte King

Sun 21st February 2021 Promoting Good Mental Health and Wellbeing with Charlotte King

Charlotte was talking to us on Sunday 21st February on understanding the mind to how we can become stressed and learning what we can do to take control to look after our mental health read more...
Christopher Stein

Tue 2nd February 2021 Operation Pollination with Christopher Stein

Chris will be talking to us on Tuesday 2nd February.
An Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group presentation
Katie Lyon

Sun 17th January 2021 Katie Lyon talking about the Covey Charity

Katie was talking to us on Sunday 17th January.
She has been supporting Covey for about 6 years now. read more...

Tue 5th January 2021 Our twice monthly (1st Tuesday) meeting

Club Night - New Year's Greetings,
Induction of New Members,
Discussion on speakers

Sun 20th December 2020 NO Meeting tonight - too near Christmas !

There will be no Zoom Meeting this evening - Sunday 20th December

Tue 1st December 2020 Our Charter Presentation Night

We were honoured to have Tom Griffin, President of Rotary G.B. & I. as our keynote speaker on the occasion of receiving our Charter as a recognised Club in Rotary International. read more...
David Johnstone

Sun 15th November 2020 Our twice monthly (3rd Sunday) online meeting with David Johnstone

David will be speaking to us on Sunday evening, 15th November read more...
Gloria Barnett - the 'Weird Fish Lady'

Tue 3rd November 2020 Our twice monthly online meeting with Gloria Barnett

Gloria - The Weird Fish Lady - will be speaking to us on Tuesday 3rd November read more...
Polio Eradication

Thu 22nd October 2020 An event to mark World Polio Day

Saturday 24th October 2020 is World Polio Day and Rotary Clubs across the world traditionally hold an event on or about that day often involving some sort of Fundraising. We will be joining our parent club's meeting on 22nd October for their event. read more...

Tue 6th October 2020 Our twice monthly (1st Tuesday) online meeting

As we have now applied for our charter this meeting is mainly for members and prospective members and will be used to plan our Charter Presentation meeting hopefully in November read more...

Tue 15th September 2020 Our twice monthly online meeting

This is a Members Only meeting as we elect our leaders prior to applying for our Charter from Rotary International as a club in our own right.
D.G. Angela Samson

Sun 6th September 2020 A conversation with our new District Governor, Angela Samson

Angela was speaking to us on Sunday 6th September at 8pm
Susan Chan

Tue 18th August 2020 Our twice monthly (3rd Tuesday) online meeting with Susan Chan

Susan was with us on Tuesday 18th August to introduce us to practical techniques to find ways to relax and find calm, reduce stress. read more...
Dr Helen Senn/Royal Zoological Society Scotland

Sun 2nd August 2020 Our Twice Monthly Meeting (1st Sunday) with Dr Helen Senn

Dr. Senn will be talking to us on Sunday 2nd. August. She is Head of Conservation and Science Programmes at the Royal Zoological Society Scotland. read more...
Ian on tour

Tue 21st July 2020 Our twice monthly (3rd Tuesday) online meeting with Ian Geddes

Ian took us on tour, to Morocco! Tuesday 21st July at 8pm (BST) read more...
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