Completed meetings and events 2020-2021

Fri 16th October 2020 Club Meeting

A full club meeting by ZOOM when Richard Bird will talk to us about "Lawyers humour"

Fri 2nd October 2020 Club Meeting

.Subject to HMG latest "Covid regulations" we shall be holding a series of meetings in members gardens/homes.up to a maximum of 6 persons per meeting. If meetings are not possible then we will have a whole club meeting using ZOOM technology .

Fri 18th September 2020 Club Meeting

A full club meeting by ZOOM when John Eves will talk to us about"Teenage devils and moral panic".

Fri 4th September 2020 Club Meeting

5 members will be hosting socially distanced gatherings in their gardens. Hosts will be contacting their guests. There will be snacks and drinks. A meeting by ZOOM will be held for those members unable to attend these garden gatherings.

Fri 21st August 2020 Club Meeting

A club meeting by Zoom when club member Richard Warr, who is a member of our District Youth Committee, will be talking to us about plans for youth activities and competitions to be held during 2020/21

Fri 7th August 2020 Club Meeting

5 club members will be hosting small gatherings in the gardens of their homes. There will be light refreshments. Times of meetings may vary. Those unable to attend these "hosted meetings" will be invited to a "Zoom meeting" which will be held at 12 noon. read more...

Fri 10th July 2020 Club Meeting

Meetings by ZOOM when small groups of members have separate zoom gatherings.
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