Completed meetings and events 2019-2020

Tue 30th June 2020 Dinner with partners/guests

Tue 23rd June 2020 Dinner

Tue 16th June 2020 No meeting

Tue 9th June 2020 Dinner

Tue 2nd June 2020 Council

Tue 2nd June 2020 Lunch

Tue 26th May 2020 Dinner

Tue 19th May 2020 No meeting

Tue 12th May 2020 Dinner

Tue 5th May 2020 Council

Tue 5th May 2020 Lunch

Tue 28th April 2020 Club Meeting


Tue 21st April 2020 No meeting

No meeting

Tue 14th April 2020 Dinner with speaker

Dinner with speaker ,Patric Lavery experiences teaching in Napal

Tue 7th April 2020 Club meeting. Lunch


Tue 31st March 2020 Dinner with Partners, Friends and Guests

Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Portsmouth visiting

Tue 24th March 2020 Dinner. Dennis Meadus. Literary boxes and Cobblers

Tue 17th March 2020 - no meeting

Tue 10th March 2020 Dinner - presentation Rai Saigal. Operation Smile

Tue 3rd March 2020 Council

Tue 3rd March 2020 Lunch

Tue 25th February 2020 Dinner. + visit from Fareham Meon club

Tue 18th February 2020 - no meeting

Tue 11th February 2020 Dinner and speaker Phoebe Carlile.

Tue 4th February 2020 Council

Tue 4th February 2020 Lunch at the Brookfield

Tue 28th January 2020 Dinner,with wives and guests invited, with speaker

Speaker, Phil Godfrey, APS support uk

Tue 21st January 2020 - no meeting

Tue 14th January 2020 Dinner, Inn Lodge , Burrfields Road

Speaker Ken Ebbens Learning Sign language

Tue 7th January 2020 Council

Tue 7th January 2020 Lunch

Tue 24th December 2019 No meeting

No meeting

Tue 17th December 2019 - no meeting

Tue 10th December 2019 Dinner

Mon 2nd December 2019 Xmas lunch

Lunch at the Brookfield

Tue 26th November 2019 Dinner and Speaker Chloe Wadsworth on trip to Borneo

Tue 12th November 2019 Dinner and Speaker Joe Quinlan talks about Uganda

Tue 5th November 2019 Council

Tue 5th November 2019 Lunch

Tue 29th October 2019 Dinner and speaker Ed Phillips. Sail Training Trust


Tue 22nd October 2019 Dinner meeting

Weekly meeting

Tue 8th October 2019 Club meeting

Dinners and speaker Chris Scott Rowans hospice . Hospice

Tue 1st October 2019 Club meeting lunch


Tue 24th September 2019 Weekly meeting

Operation Smile Presentation Phil MacDonald

Tue 10th September 2019 Club meeting


Tue 3rd September 2019 Club meeting


Tue 27th August 2019 Dinner and speaker Wives guests and friends of rotary invited

Commodore JJ Bailey RN

Tue 20th August 2019 Dinner

Tue 13th August 2019 Club meeting

Tue 6th August 2019 Club Council

Tue 6th August 2019 Lunch

Lunch meeting

Tue 30th July 2019 Dinner with Partners

Speaker . Patrick Pead “The Valley more secret than Bletchley

Tue 23rd July 2019 Dinner

Tue 16th July 2019 - no meeting

Tue 9th July 2019 Dinner

Speaker. Jon Richards. Fareham Rotary Sand Dams project

Tue 2nd July 2019 Lunch

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