Completed meetings and events 2021-2022

Mon 20th September 2021 Bi-weekly Zoom

After our first "face to face" meeting last week we continue keeping in touch and up to date with possible projects.

Mon 13th September 2021 FACE to FACE at Norton House Hotel - 7 pm

We are back! First normal meeting at our home base for 18 months. Relax but look ahead to the future.

Mon 6th September 2021 Weekly Zoom

We hear about DG Ray's Official Visit to the SRP. Look forward to Monday 13th for our first Face to Face meeting for 18 months.

Tue 24th August 2021 District Governors Official Visit - Hybrid Face to Face and Zoom

DG Ray Bevan is visiting Morriston Club's venue The Welcome Inn for his SRP Official Visit. Swansea, Cwmtawe and Mumbles invited. Can register for the meal or join via Zoom.

Mon 23rd August 2021 DG Official Visit tomorrow - Monday cancelled

No meeting as there is a Hybrid District Governors Visit to the Swansea Rotary Partnership Clubs at Morriston Club 6pm Tuesday 24 August.

Mon 16th August 2021 Weekly Zoom

Informal "get together".

Mon 9th August 2021 Business Meeting - by Zoom

Review of our return to "face to face" meetings at our home base, Norton House Hotel, on Monday 13th September. Planning for the future.

Mon 26th July 2021 Business and Planning Meeting

As well as Business Treasurer Phil will give a summary report on the important District Compliance Zoom Meeting from 8 July.

Mon 12th July 2021 Zoom Speaker - Brad Ashton (jointly with other SRP Clubs)

Brad Ashton a Script-writer for many comedians and radio shows will talk about his "Job of a Laughtime". Swansea and Morriston Clubs join us also guests and friends are very welcome to this Zoom meeting.

Mon 5th July 2021 Bonus Zoom meeting

No Agenda but the chance to have a "catch up" after last week's outdoors "Handover" and presentation of IPP Gareth's Paul Harris Fellowship.
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