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Please Note

We now meet virtually by ZOOM (Alternate Thursdays at 7.00pm). 

However, on Wednesday 6th June 2022, we started to have occasional meetings in person at the Bingley Arms, Bardsey, Leeds LS17 (our old venue) for lunch (1.00pm) and hope to alternate with Zoom meetings in the future, on an ad hoc basis, provided it is safe to do so (Covid-19). It is good to see old friends face to face rather than on a computer screen. 

Please email for details of the next meeting venue/time/day etc. if required:

email: leedselmeterotary@btinternet.com  

Website address: www.leeds-elmete.rotary1040.org

Registered Charity Number 1033420 

We are a very small Club of 12 Members (4 of whom are Honorary members). Like many Rotary Clubs we are growing old together (our average age is in the low/mid 80’s of years!) and are not in a position to do what we have in the past. It is unlikely that we will attract new members, but our resolve is to continue for as long as we can, helping others where and when we can, in the true spirit of Rotary – “Service above Self”. 

In that respect we believe that we still “punch above our weight” – see our Charitable Giving Activity for 2001-22, summarised here: 

Dogs for Good (Assistance Dogs)  £200 
Dictionaries for Life (Local Schools) £140 
Wheatfields Hospice (Sue Ryder)  £100 
Lifestraws (Clean drinking water)   £25 
Leeds Jewish Housing Association – grants to residents)  £300 
Leeds Hospital Charity and MND Appeal (Rob Burrow) £200 
Safe house for vulnerable women, Mumbai, India  £200 
Street Angels (help on the drug scene etc)  £200 
Rotary Foundation £25 
Rotary Polio Plus appeal (Foundation)  £200 
Rotary District 1040 Ukraine Appeal  £200 
MAF (Mission Aviation Foundation) £100 
Rotary’s Aquabox (Flood/disaster relief)  £750 
Ireland Wood School (special needs pupils) – equipment  £600 
Kentmere Community Centre (summer activities for children)  £700 
East Leeds FoodBank/Parish Larder St Richards Church  £2300 
(+ donated goods and gifts)   
TOTAL =  £6,240 



This year - for the first time - the Presidency will be shared. Rotarians Brendan Carey (L) and Peter Whelan (R) - seen above when they were presented with their Paul Harris Fellowships by Immediate Past-President Martyn Phillips in the last Rotary year. Both have been President of the club before. Brendan will do the first half of the year and Peter the second. Both are retired Doctors who had very successful Consultant careers in Leeds (in Radiology and Urological Surgery respectively). We wish them every success in this shared role.

This year's annual theme:

Annual Theme

How it all started, June 2020:

We, sadly, live in an era in which Food Banks are needed. There are geographical areas where poverty and need are only too real. The situation worsened with the effects of the Covid-19 and more recently with the financial uncertainties faced by the country and it's citizens. Many people now find themselves in real difficulty. In June 2020, at our weekly virtual meeting, we decided to donate £500 immediately to a local food bank. We have continued our support with monetary and food donations to the East Leeds FoodBank and the Parish Larder at St Richards Church Seacroft, Leeds, and providing gifts for children at Christmas and Easter. One of our Rotarians volunters to help at the Tuesday food distribution each week, and other Rotarians when they can etc..

 St Richard's Church (see picture) in the Parish of Seacroft in Leeds

UPDATES  2022-23 (in reverse chronological order

June 2022 Report from Rtn Neale Lucas,(who volunteers at the Church each week): "An update following my shift. Lis (manager) gave me figures for June: 694 people were fed".
Information from the Team Meeting:- While Dave still collects food from Tesco Mon pm and goes searching on Tues am, stocks are now an issue. What is now happening is that the entire Parish Larder Stock is being cleaned out each week. They are buying key items each week - UHT milk is becoming a big issue. Local supermarkets are restricting the number of purchases of some items. 
They are researching the idea of having experts on pertinent subjects to be available in the hall to advise while customers are waiting. 
Good relationship with LS14 Cafe on the parade of shops opposite the church - collected about 15 tins of spaghetti hoops from them yesterday morning. Neale.

May 2022. Some Statistics from the Administrator: In 2021, 4940 individuals were given food. To end of April 2022, 2632 people were fed - an increase of approx. 50% c.f. the first 4 months of 2021.
(The Trussel Trust gives advice on how to obtain help form various agencies. Of late an increase in the need for help/advice with the cost of domestic fuel has been noted.)

CLICK HERE to go further into the story so far.

Donation of Dictionaries 4 Life to Local Schools

 We plan to deliver another consignment of books to local schools in the coming year. We are told that the Dictionaries are so very useful and we have to decide if we can increase the number donated next year.

Schools Literacy Programme

A number of our members plan to continue to help out at two local schools by hearing children read once a week when they will be allowed back into school in the autunm of 2022. We have also donated much needed Usborne illustrated dictionaries to one school. (See above).

This Reading initiative started in September 2013, and is proving to be a very valuable and rewarding experience for the students, the schools and the Rotarians involved.


    (Click on the Aquabox logo to go to their website.)

Our Club members normally try to fill three Aquaboxes a year and deliver them to the Aquabox Depot in Derbyshire. However, because of the Corona Virus pandemic we were able to complete this task in 2020 - 22.  We will be starting again soon. We have however purchased or donated money towards Aquaboxes last year to the tune of £750

Here is an extract of an email received by Aquabox with a quote from one of the recipients in Somalia of the boxes we sent in 2012: "When I was pregnant, I had worries to cloth(e) my babe. We don't afford food most times so monies for clothes is hard to get. I thought the box was just for water and was happy when I found the towels and the clothes. I cried and hided them for after the delivery. This is the first time I ever had something new to wrap my baby in. My oldest son Ahmed will not leave the shelter without his new books and bag. He is too proud when he carries them with the other boys. Even me, I can share the cooking utensils with my neighbors. It feels like being home again. Truely these are blessings for all of us!"

Makes you feel good that the efforts of a few people in Yorkshire can have such an impact on the lives of people in need so far away! 

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Our Club is one of very many clubs in Great Britain and Ireland currently using the RIBI website template, each club being required to make an ANNUAL payment of £50. This is raising over £64,000 for The Rotary Foundation each year!

Meetings & Venue

Where and when:

We meet on Thursdays at 7.00 pm. by Zoom.

(No meeting on two Thursdays around Christmas) We meet Virtually on Thursday evenings by Zoom now, with occassional luches at the Bingley Arms, Bardsey, Leeds LS17, on an ad-hoc basis.
Please contact by email for details of next meetings.

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